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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility is my most recently completed book from Daily Lit. This is my second Jane Austen and I'm not really sure why I chose this one to be next. I admit that for the first half of the book (literally) I was not enjoying it. The dialog didn't snap like it does in Pride and Prejudice, it just seemed like so much set up for what wasn't gonna be much of a payout. I have some hairbrained idea that I want to read all of Austen though, so I persevered. At almost exactly halfway something happened that made me perk up, and from there the book got much better. The dialog never matches that of P&P, but the story redeems itself.

Sense and Sensibility is the story of two sisters, one calm and logical, one passionate. As with P&P, the sisters are trying to get married to the right men. Of course there are rules to be followed, society to contend with, social class and inheritances, all the trademarks of P&P. The ending is suitably romantic, if a bit rushed. I need to find the movie versions of both.

Next up for Daily Lit is Middlemarch. I've read the first couple of installments and it's completely different from Austen. I am kinda regretting not moving on to Persuasion to keep the momentum going, but have almost all of Middlemarch waiting for me, and have barely started getting Persuasion. I like to have most of the book on deck before starting it. Anyone here have an opinion on Middlemarch? How about Persuasion?


  1. Having just read Persuasion, I think I know what you mean--somewhat. Luckily the set up didn't take all that long, but it did throw me off at first. When you read it, you'll see what I mean. Once the "real" story got rolling, I really enjoyed the ride, but I wasn't so sure at first.

  2. Yeah, I felt the same way about Persuasion. It took me about half way in before I started to enjoy myself. It was good by the end, though. Go for it if you feel so inclined, but don't make yourself if you aren't.

  3. Both are still on my to be read list, but I always hear absolutely incredible things about Middlemarch. I actually just read a great recommendation for it on today's Shelf Awareness newsletter.

  4. I had that same reaction to Sense and Sensibility when I first tried to read it (in 10th grade, after finishing Pride and Prejudice). I actually brought it back to the library after a couple chapters. I'm mildly ashamed to admit it took several years and me seeing the movie to see that there was actually a story there I'd enjoy reading. It was going back and enjoying this story that convinced me to read Austen's other books.

  5. One of these days, The Woman will pick up Jane Austen.

    Right now, however, she is caught up in the Burning of Atlanta and making dresses out of curtains.


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