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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things About Me.

  1. I love books (duh). Obviously, I love to read them, but I also love to read about them, collect them, think about them, make lists about them, and, in general, just be surrounded by them.
  2. I love purses. Last spring I bought a large, bright orange, canvas purse. It was the most perfect purse I'd ever had. The straps were long enough, it had exactly the right pockets and it held everything I wanted it to hold. Then the monkey spilled a cup of milk into it. It was not washable and I had to replace it. Every time I went to the store it came from I looked for it's replacement, but they were never there. I could not find it on Ebay. Then, on Sunday, I was in that store and THERE IT WAS. It has one small design change, and I had to get a different color (green), but once again I have the perfect purse.
  3. I am currently obsessed with eating at Khoury's Mediterranean Cuisine. In particular, the falafel.
  4. When I get to a very suspenseful part of a book I have to stop reading and calm myself. Sometimes for seconds, sometimes for days. It can be any kind of suspense, it doesn't have to be life threatening. Romantic moments count. This helps explain why I read more than one book at a time.
  5. I no longer enjoy the taste of Pepsi. This will be shocking to people who went to school with me.
  6. I hate returning phone calls (at work).
  7. I have had the same robe since I went to college. It was an outrageous splurge at the time ($84!!) and has definately been worth the money.
  8. I have kept a log of everything I've read since 1993.
  9. I think Anthony Wiggle is the hot one.
  10. I am from Alabama, but I don't usually find the snow to be unbearable. I do, however, find the length of winter to be a bit much. I want flowers and green stuff way before it shows up here in South Dakota.
  11. I have a $25 gift card from Victoria's Secret and I can't seem to spend it. Help!
  12. I have an overabundance of pickles of all varieties in my fridge. Also, pickled okra, pickled banana peppers, pickled cherry peppers, and some olives (black).
  13. I am about to go vote for Jordan on American Idol.

I'm so glad that Thursday Thirteen continues on, thanks to Carol and Beth. You can find more lists here.


  1. Neat list - I love reading but I'm really picky about how a book feels. I wrote about that a bit in my first T13 last week.
    I also love picked things! Okra is awesome!
    Great list - nice to meet you.
    I'm new to Thursday Thirteen - and I just posted my 2nd one.

  2. Love your list! I love to read too...that my addiction ;) And I'm a fan of romantic suspense so I tend to read these often.

    You like Jordan from American Idols? Hmmm can't remember which one he was :) But with the guys, I think both two Chris, Brandon and maybe Sundance has the good singing voice, in my opinion.

    Happy Thursday Thirteen! Here is Mine! ...I know, mine is bit boring LOL

  3. Oh my gosh, numbers 4 & 5 are so true for me!

    I thought I was the only person who got anxious and nervous while reading!

    And the same for the Pepsi thing. I drank Pepsi like it was going out of style in high school and now I barely wouch the stuff!

    Happy TT!

  4. I like Lakisha and Doolittle as the girls on American Idol! :) It's so awesome that you've kept a log of all the books you've read.... I can't imagine how long my list would be, but cool idea! My husband tells me I can't ever buy pickles again... I always seem to forget I have a jar and I get in the mood for a pickle and buy some more... I think we've got like 3 jars of baby dills and 2 jars of sweet pickles :)

  5. You can ebay your VS gift card! Just put it as a buy it now for $23 or something and it'll go, and the price of a stamp for postage.

  6. I don't want to sell it! I just can't make up my mind.

  7. Can't spend $25 at Victoria's Secret!?!? Wish I had that problem, LOL!

    Happy TT :D

  8. Oh, I love Jordyn, too! She should win -- she's the whole package!

    And, I'm sooo into falafel lately, too!

  9. We don't like like Pepsi either - it make our noses tingle!

    Has you read "We Are The Kitties: Read This Or I'll Bite You?"

  10. I enjoyed this week's list. I'm glad you found a new perfect purse. I'm having a similar problem with purses at the moment. If I find a cute one, I quickly figure out that I can't fit all my stuff in it. I'm using a smallish messenger bag now that is the perfect size, but the adjustable strap keeps slipping and making itself really LONG. *SIGH*

  11. Your item #8 is intriguing.
    I have kept a similar list of everything I have read since January of 1994. I didn't think anyone else did this!
    I thought I was the only one!
    -- Cip


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