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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Southern Reading Challenge

Maggie over at Maggie Reads is hosting a Southern Reading Challenge this summer. After much deliberation I have decided on my three choices, and they are:
  1. 1. gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson
  2. 2. The Optimist's Daughter by Eudora Welty
  3. 3. Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns

All three of these are on my bookshelf already, so I can dive right in.


  1. Gods in Alabama is also one of my reads for Maggie's challenge! Good luck! :)

  2. Love the list and I hope you love your books! ;D

  3. I read GODS IN ALABAMA and really liked it. I just finished her newer book BETWEEN, GEORGIA and liked it even more.

  4. Hello...I found your site via various links on book blogs; great place you have here!

  5. Hey, Biblio, thanks for stopping by, come back often.

  6. Finally got me on one, I joined in on this challenge :)


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