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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekly Recap 2

Anyone else notice that I didn't post anything in the meantime? So what was I doing to take my attention away from here? Good question! I was sick for much of it. I had some kinda of sinus thing that definately would have keep me out of work, except that my counterpart was on vacation. By Friday night I was in bed crying about how much it hurt. Thankfully, on Saturday it began to clear up and I thought I might live.

Bookswise- I didn't read much. If it was quiet enough to read it was quiet enough to sleep and so I did. I did review Iron Kissed on the other blog, go check it out. I really loved it. I also finished up a romance novel re-read of In the Midnight Rain by Ruth Wind. This is one of my very favorite books and happily, it held up. It's got a little mystery (not too hard to figure out), the blues, a sexy broken hero, and a nice little falling in love. I am still reading the other books I was last week, and miracle of miracles, have not started anything else.

I am 31 weeks pregnant and my due date is less than two months away (May 10). My son's 3rd birthday is April 7th. My self-imposed goal for baby readiness was his birthday party. I want the nursery to be DONE at that point. So what did we do this weekend? The basement. On Friday night my husband and two year old ripped out all the old nasty carpet while I laid in bed whimpering. On Saturday we swept and mopped the bare concrete and then put all the furniture back where it was. We have one large rug in the couch/tv end of the room, and a smaller rug on the sewing end. The rest is bare, unpainted, concrete. Amazingly, it looks much much better.

This morning my husband went and built two big platforms for the box springs on our bed. Whoever designed it thinking that two little metal supports was enough on a king sized bed was crazy. It was the creakiest, shiftiest thing. So he built these big boxes and we replaced it. It's so much better. I don't feel like it's gonna collapse every time I roll over. We celebrated by taking a nice long family nap.

I did manage to iron all the pieces of the baby's quilt. I wish my library book would come in so that I could start sewing. I have a bunch of sewing projects planned for the near future. Now that the basement is ok to hang out in, perhaps I'll get some done?


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Is it a boy or a girl or are you going to be surprised?

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon and good luck getting everything done in time! I'm just waiting impatiently for my little newborn to arrive!


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