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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello there baby!

I had an eventful week, how about you?

The baby decided that April 10 was just as good a birthday as May 10 and surprised us on Wednesday night. We did not have a bag packed, a name chosen, clothing washed, a firm plan on what to do with the Pirate, nothin'! He arrived in a mere 6 hours from the time my water broke at home until he was in our arms. For not quite 36 weeks he's healthy- weighed in at 6lb 1oz, 18 inches long. We finally named him yesterday when he was a full 48 hours old. He has a touch of jaundice and is spending his time cuddling with a biliblanket, so hopefully they won't readmit him tomorrow. Otherwise, he seems good. He looks exactly like his brother did at birth. The pirate is thrilled beyond belief, if you can't tell from this picture. Now he just needs a blogger nickname...
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  1. Congratulations! That was a quick labor. The baby is adorable and the Pirate looks thrilled! Hope the bili-lights work and he won't have to be re-admitted.

  2. Wow! A pretty good sized kiddo to be a month early! Congratulations.

  3. Lisa, congratulations on your bundle of joy, who definitely wants things on his schedule. What did you name him?

    Best wishes to you all!

  4. Oh Lisa! Congrats on your beautiful baby--and I don't think Pirate's smile could be any bigger. :)

  5. Mazel Tov, Lisa!

    I think the 10th is a fine day to be born. So, apparently, did he.

    Keep the pirate involved; that's what I did with my older one when #2 came along and they are now very close. Maybe too close, to judge by the picking they do at each other, but hey, I'll take it...

  6. Aww Congrats on your new little bundle.

  7. Oh congratulations! He looks adorable, and the Pirate looks really happy!

  8. Thanks everyone, it's a pretty exciting time to be at our house.

    His name is that of a Biblical character- the one who built a boat and invited all the animals to go for a ride. Middle name is that of a flying boy who never grows up. We are totally NOT religious people, but the name just FIT.

  9. Congratulations! I have just had a word with Morgann in the hopes she will not also have any funny ideas about showing up before we're ready.

    Hope things continue to run well for you... check in when you can :D

  10. Congratulations!! Glad to hear everything went well!! Love the name you picked out! !

  11. Wow! A month early! (I had one a month early, but he got sick and ended up staying in the NBICU for that whole month!)

    Congratulations. I hope all is going well at your house and you are getting back to your new normal.

  12. Yay!! Congrats! I can't wait until my little boy gets here :-)


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