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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The blogroll

Pirate update: He has strep throat. And amoxicillin is the devil's drug (according to him.) Fun times!

In the course of doing my giveaway, I visited a lot of new blogs. Then I looked at the people who commented on those blogs and visited some of them. What this added up to, is a Google Reader with 404 subscriptions.  I thought I'd share a few of these with you. These are by no means the best of the best, or the worst, or the funniest, or the best written. They are just some new-to-me blogs that I've enjoyed. I don't have any idea how I came to find most of them, so don't ask!

This is by no means ALL the new ones I found, just a little sample.  I'd like to try and post new-to-me blogs with some regularity, since I love having new people show up here, I thought they might like new readers too.

You may or may not have noticed, but I added a partial blogroll over there to the right. It is by not a finished product! (Don't tell, but I did it at work and was in a hurry to get something up there.) If you don't see yourself, and would like to be added, let me know!


  1. New blogs! I recognize a couple, but not most of those you listed. It'll be fun to explore them more.

  2. I like it when you highlight a few blogs to check out. Glad you're liking Picky Palate! I think she's got some great stuff.

  3. so sorry that the pirate has strep - that was the disease of choice for my daughters when they were young

  4. 404! I wonder how anyone has the time to keep up with that many blogs (I have about 150)

  5. 400--you are crazy lady!! I have around 50 and already feel like I am going crazy if I don't get on my reader for a day or two!!

    How do you decide what to read and what to skip?

  6. Trish, I always run behind. If it's a review of a book I am interested in, I usually skip it a few times until I have the time to actually read it, and not skim. Sometimes reviews will sit there for a long time before I get to them. For example, your review of Tess is still waiting, even though I've read the posts after it. I also tend to skip a lot of crafty posts, especially if they show HOW to do something. Ditto cooking posts.

    I skim posts about book types I am not interested in (sorry blogging world, but I could care less about Virago? books). I skim posts where the blog won some kind of award. I skim monthly/quarterly recaps (except for the books themselves, I skim the stats some people post. I'd rather see this annually.) I subscribe to a lot of parenting type blogs and I skim a lot of that.

    Blogs with partial feeds very often get clicked through unread. If I'm at work I don't want to open more windows, my work computer is picky. I've actually unsubscribed to quite a few just because I don't like partial feeds. The ones I keep- Fried Okra, Woulda Coulda Shoulda, Faster Than Kudzu to name a few- are good ones, rarely a mediocre post in them.

    I will often read a post I want to comment on, but not be able to comment just then (either at work, or my hands are full of baby) so I mark it unread and save it. this is why people get comments from me WAY after the post was written (Hi, Janssen!) Obviously, neither of those things apply at this minute. :)

  7. A lot of those I skim as well although I haven't venture out of the bookblogging world a whole lot. If I take the time to read a post I usually *try* to leave a comment basically to say--hey, I was here, I read this post. I don't always have the time to do that, though. I still think I'd go crazy with 400 feeds though. :)


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