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Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend planning...

We're taking one last summer camping trip this weekend, before it's too cold here to think about going. This time we rented a "tent cabin" instead of taking the tent. It's a little one room cabin, not any bigger than a large tent, but it does have beds and electricity. So, not so much camping as spending the weekend away. We'll still grill burgers and have a campfire with marshmallows. I packed hot chocolate and we'll heat water on the fire. We just won't be sleeping on the hard hard ground.

I have three books packed: The Thirteenth Tale (which I hope to finish), Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer (my first Heyer), and Not On Our Watch (for Natasha's Darfur reading month- click on the graphic there in the sidebar for more info!) I'm not sure how much Darfur I'll read, this is supposed to be my last relaxing vacation, so I may not get into any details while we're out.

I've gotten a TON of new books from Paperbackswap lately. It seems that it goes in cycles, with nothing incoming or outgoing for a few weeks, and then suddenly everything comes to the top at once. Here's the last week or so, have you read any of these?

Then, because I didn't have enough books, the library was forgiving fees if you brought in canned goods, and since I had a nice fee there I ran in at lunch one day. It's a fact that you can't go to the library without bringing more books home. So I got these:

Sunday, I hope to get home early enough to do a little cleaning the the basement. We have decided to give up on the idea of making it a den for adults, and instead throw ourselves full into a craft area/ play room. The kids have so many big plastic toys, and it'd be nice to quarantine them into one area. Much furniture shifting must occur first though, so that ought to be fun. Once it's all settled, I hope to spend a lot more time down there with the boys, and therefore, have more to show for it. Right now, sewing is a challenge as there are piles everywhere. My ironing board hovers over the elliptical, my light balances on the desk, my poor fabric slides around on the table and chair. I can't wait to have a little more order in my life. Ha, as if.


  1. How did you find a tent cabin? They sound great! I'm curious to see how you like Barbara Kingsolver's book since I haven't caved yet :)

  2. Amanda, the tent cabin is just a tiny tiny cabin you can rent at the campground we're going to. It's a permanant part of the campground, and is a bit of a splurge at a whopping $45 a night. (campsites are $22) I'm sure I'll be posting pictures next week.

  3. I loved The Thirteenth Tale. I will be curious to read your thoughts.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Jill =)

  4. I got a big kick out of Remember Me because I'm just a good little secret romance novel fan :)

  5. Looks like you got some good books! Have fun camping.


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