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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I really really want

I SHOULD be blogging about Halloween. Or about my jewelry bag giveaway (still time to enter!) Or about the latest Dresden, which I finished. Instead, I'm going to blog about 13 things I want. Hopefully, blogging about them will make me not go buy them.

  1. A nice looking travel mug that will fit in my cup holder. Starbucks usually has cool ones.
  2. Or two, in case one is dirty or I leave it at work. (Seriously, how cute is that one?)
  3. This cool planner that I saw on 5 Minutes for Mom. I think it might be perfect.
  4. A walking foot for my sewing machine.
  5. A new jacket. This one is cute. So's this one.
  6. Brown casual shoes for work.
  7. Amy Butler's Little Stitches
  8. These insanely cute baby boots. A bit pricey, but if he wore them every day all winter...
  9. This bag. Ok, I could probably make it myself, but isn't it lovely?
  10. This fun bird fabric. Or tons of other super cute fabric.
  11. Time. (What? I can't buy time? Please?)
  12. One of these cool lockets. This one says peace.
  13. These rings, to go with the ones I got for Mother's Day. (Mine have the Pirate and the Bug on them, of course.) (You knew I meant their actual names, right?)

I could go on, but I won't.

What do YOU want right now? I'm not talking about new houses, or computers, or cars. Little things, less than $100, that would just make your day.



  1. I love this post. Sometimes I think I have a problem because I'm always wanting something but I guess it just gives us something to look forward to.

    There's lots of stuff I have my eye on right now:

    The new Pink CD.

    Some comfy, red slippers.

    Microdermabrasion (oh..that's not cheap is it?)

    Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

    A cool Fossil watch I found online.

    A Chocolate Brown polartec sweater from Lands End

    A maid (under $100 per month)

    Elizabeth Arden's 8 hr Cream that everyone is raving about

    I don't think that's 13 but that's what comes to mind right now.

  2. You made me want a watch now too!

    This one:

  3. What a great idea for a list! I love that bag and fabric too. Don't worry, though -- I won't buy the bag, so you can!

    I'd like a pair of short brown ankle boots, a new jacket/coat, a tattoo tee and some new hair highlights! Thanks, Santa!

  4. I think I know what someone is getting for Christmas...that is all I am saying.

    What do I want? I have been thinking about that lately. I want some ceramic type (not glass or metal) deep pie plates. I also want a red corduroy purse with an owl applique on the front. (Too specific. Too leading. :) ) Some workout socks and a couple more workout shirts and sports bras. Coasters. :)

  5. Gina, you are NOT getting a red purse with an owl on it. But while I have your attention- think Laurie would prefer a little chick or a mushroom on her bag? I seem to have made one of each... (NOT a red bag)...

  6. Definitely get the Busy Body Book. I have one and it's the best thing ever. I've been through so many planners and datebooks and nothing compares to this one. :)

  7. Hmmmmmm, at the moment... A BIG cup of something warm. Like hot chocolate or milk tea... Ok, that is something I can get in like two seconds....
    Sleep. That would be awesome. Haha! I COULD just get off the computer and get that one myself!
    Sorry, nothing at the moment that really fits the parameters... TONS of stuff outside the parameters....
    Ok, by the sound of this comment, I REALLY should go to bed. I don't think I am making any kind of normal sense! haha!


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