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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The first camping trip of the year

So despite the Pirate being under the weather (turned out he had an ear infection, which responded very well and very quickly to ibuprofen and the pink stuff) we bravely decided to take the camper out on it's inagural run on Saturday. We chose to camp at one of the campgrounds in Custer State Park that has electricity. The weather was fairly chilly and we thought if it were too cold we'd sit in the camper with the heater on and watch movies on the laptop.

We arrived around lunch time and set up camp at the very far end of the campground, right next to one of the bathhouses (which turned out not to be open yet for this season so we had to walk to the other end of the campground to use the bathroom. Or those of us who don't pee standing up did.) The camper is really easy to set up, it took about 15 minutes on our first try, not counting bedding. We made a few sandwiches and had a little lunch.

The Bug didn't want to nap in the camper (Too Much Fun!) so we decided to take a little "hike." We walked a ways down this nicely paved bike path and then turned back and hit the playground.

The Bug decided he was tired after all.

(At this point I realized my camera is now broken, and you will see no more new pictures until I can find the money to replace it. This makes me very very sad. Donations are welcome. Feel free to make shop purchases as well, if you'd like to fund my new one. I'm kidding! Well, not about the camera being broken, it really is.)

We then discovered that one of the other 6 campers in the park belonged to my husband's cousin, who he hasn't seen in years. Crazy. After a brief visit we headed back to the camp and make dinner- burgers grilled on a tiny grill. Mmmm. It was cool out, but not unbearable and we had fun playing a bit before bedtime. That's when chaos hit. The boys were not willing to sleep in this fun new place. Nuh uh. Mike ended up taking the Bug for a nice little drive and I read a book (Star Wars Choose Your Own Adventure!) to the Pirate until everyone was sleepy. We all retired early.

At some point in the middle of the night it got really cold. Like, cold cold. The Pirate and Mike were on one bed and the Bug and I huddled together on the other. The camper has a heater and heated mattresses and I laid there shivering and cursing our crappy broken BRAND NEW camper. Morning finally rolls around and the Bug woke us all up (the Bug is a morning person. A REALLY EARLY morning person.) Everyone was excited to be in the camper, but it was still cold. A check of the car thermometer revealed that it was 34 degrees out.

That's when we discovered that Scout had UNPLUGGED THE CAMPER.

Anyone want a dog?



  1. I'm sorry, but I laughed at the end of your post when I read the dog had unplugged your camper!

  2. Oh, that is too funny! Bad Dog!

    I can relate with the broken camera- my 5 yr. old dropped and broke mine a couple months ago. We just caved and got a really cheapie one from Walmart- only $79 but it's not too terrible. I will let the hubby keep it when I can afford a good one... although we all know how that goes- I will be using the cheap one until IT breaks. LOL!

  3. Well, at least the camper is not broken. Darn that dog.

  4. looks like you had a great time on the you know how to get him to sleep.

  5. Awww.. sounds eventful, if a bit cold :) Still, it's just the first trip out.. worse things may still happen!

  6. What crud to be freezing in bed just to find out your dog unplugged it! Is this your camper? We've talked about getting one, but I'm afraid that if we do it will never get used, but from May-September/October it is WAY too hot for tent camping here. Guess we just need to come up to SD! Road trip!!

  7. Kathy, I laugh NOW, so it's ok if you do.

    Lisa, I still haven't replaced it. I should before the weekend while everything is on sale for Mother's Day.

    Ti, do you need a dog?

    Serena, the "hike" was nice. And flat. The Bug loved being up high I think.

    Michelle, as I said, YOU HUSH.

    Trish, SD is perfect for camping May- October. COME VISIT.

  8. lol. I had to laugh at the end of the post...


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