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Monday, August 09, 2010

A visit with Trish (and her hot-cycle)

Yesterday afternoon my family and I traveled to Keystone, SD to see the lovely TRISH, her husband Scott and his brother. They came to town to "see the Sturgis motorcycle rally" but really, it was to see me. Unfortunately, coordinating the schedules of  5 travelers plus those of us here with jobs is a bit tricky, so we only saw each other for a couple of hours. We ate dinner at a less then spectacular restaurant that made up for it's eh-food in favor of quiet. (If you've ever been to the rally, you know that quiet is hard to find.)

Then we walked down to see their hot-cycle (if you're the Bug, motorcycle if you're anyone else) and the boys were THRILLED to sit on it. The Bug is almost in awe of it, as you can tell by the look on his face.

Then, Trish gave me a giant bag of adorably cute girl stuff. (You REALLY shouldn't have! But, uh, I love it all so thanks!)  If I'd have been thinking, I'd have taken a picture of some of it to share. It's really the first new stuff baby girl has gotten! I have to admit, I can't wait to start putting some ruffles on this child.

All in all, it was a great, if way too short, visit! And if you're a reader of Trish's (and if you're not, why not?) you should know that her place of lodging has no internet or cellphone access, so I'm guessing you won't be seeing a mid-week post from her.

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  1. What fun - it looks like you and Trish even coordinated your outfits. I LOVE the picture of the boys on the motorcycle!

  2. Your baby belly is too cute! You make pregnant look fabulous. :)

  3. I love the Bug's expression...priceless! I've never been to Sturgis for the rally but I have watched the bikes roll through town. It's kind of a thrill!

  4. The Bug is right--that totally is a hot-cycle! I was never much of a pink person myself but those first little girl pink things were so exciting--how nice of Trish!

  5. Although I loved being away from the internet and cell phone all week it did make it really tough to coordinate. :( When we left two days ago I finally got my emails and the few that you had left and felt so bad that we didn't have it more together.

    And I'm glad you like the baby things. Absolutely my pleasure. :) Besides, every little girl needs some ruffles on her bottom, right??

    Hopefully next year we can squeeze in another visit or two.

  6. Look at your baby BUMP! I LOVE IT!!!!

    Really, you look awesome. I hope you're feeling as great as you look. : )


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