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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Help a mom out! Plan my days...

Day two of being a SAHM. Great news! We all survived yesterday. The Bug mostly watched tv all day, but one day won't kill him. We went outside twice, once to the backyard, once to walk up the street to find the source of the loud noise. (It was a stump grinder. The Bug sat on the curb to watch.) It is clear that we need to get out for a while each day. I think as long as the weather holds we'll try to take a walk each day that we don't leave the house. The Bug really enjoys it and behaves really well.

Today we plan to run a few errands- the credit union to return my work shirts (wanna guess how many I had?), the fabric store (I'm one 8"x10" square short of blue fabric on a custom banner, grrr), the post office for some flat rate boxes, and the library (reward for good behavior on the other stops.)  It's crazy to have to buckle and unbuckle two kids at each stop, but I guess this is my life now, huh? I'm thinking that we'll use the stroller at most stops so I can contain the Bug, even though the stroller can be a pita.

Yesterday several of you left me some great ideas on how to manage this stay at home life. I'm looking for more hints. How to get him to nap? Cheap or free activities, even better if he can do them alone. I'm already pretty on board with the idea of letting him guide the day- he is not a child you can easily lead. Right now he is on the front porch watching the garbage truck, maybe later we'll go on a walk to find them? What else? How do I get my stuff done too? I'm sure we'll get a routine soon, I'm not particularly stressed (yet) but welcome all suggestions!

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  1. The park-take them to the park to play. It a great way to get them outside and active and if they can find fun things at the playground-you can get in some reading or resting!!

  2. I was a 3rd child so my memories are that mom took care of her business and i was left to figure out how to amuse myself. You aren't the entertainment committee! Sure, you help out by providing toys, suggesting some coloring or putting out a game he can play on his own but you dont need to micromanage. Boredom is only the step before imagination kicks in. Maybe he can illustrate a story about seeing the garbage men, or build a fort out of the couch cushions. you can still converse while you're doing babycare and i remember one on one time with my mom as being absolutely golden, even if we were just talking about the leaves on a tree. xoxo MK

  3. -take nature walks in your own backyard, take a stick, leaf, feather, rock, etc. home and draw it, trace it, glue it, name it, and make up a story about it to share with the rest of the family at dinner

    -definitely plan some time outside every day! Bundle up if it's cold or windy, but it's so good for all of you!

    -go to an appliance store for some big cardboard boxes that their appliances came in. They make the BEST rocket ships, pirate ships, castles, caves, etc... Let the boys color the outside with crayons.

    -no naps? then incorporate a quiet time. Let Bug use a sleeping bag or sofa cushions on floor or whatever, but it's rest time. Even 15 minutes of lying down reading or whispering to a stuffed animal can be rejuvenating for both of you!

    -learn to let go of some of your previous standards of tidiness at home. I don't know how some women do it all, but I think it's fine to let some stuff go for an extra day or two. These babies grow up way to fast!

  4. Very large boxes - YES! Nap or quiet time can be in the "log cabin" or "rocket" or "barn".

    You are not the entertainment committee - also true.

    If not putting Bug into the stroller, use a child's harness and leash. It is not cruel. It is for your child's safety and your peace of mind.

    Paint with water books or the colorless magic markers and books. These are wonderful. Puzzles with large pieces are great, too.

    Have a playmate over. Trade days with someone. Two playing are usually easier than trying to keep one out of trouble.

    If you are super busy, use day care. I know it is expensive, but it is usually cheaper than hiring someone to come and do your work for you.

    TV/movies aren't terrible if you censor what is on. Music and story programs geared for wee ones are always good.

  5. I had to give up nap times for my daughter before she was 3. But she still had to have a "quiet time" every afternoon. She could bring books onto the bed, play with her stuffed animals, listen to music. As long as she was quiet. If she was good, then she got to have time on the computer, which she loved. Both things kept her busy and freed up my time.

  6. It's all about routine, routine, routine. You have changed the rules on him and he is going to rebel a little. But for me, Bug always was one of the first to fall asleep. Establish a naptime and stick to it. I always played quiet music for them and I expected them to lay quietly and listen. Did they do it right away, no way!! Bug and Ry always started nap off with a giggle fest. One thing I always did though was sit with them until they were asleep. If they didn't settle down within 15 minutes, I would rub their backs. Hope this helps.

  7. I agree with packrat, playdates! I always found I could get a lot done when my kids had friends over. Surprisingly, sometimes having them help you, can also get more done than you would think. Playing with them for a while and then letting them play on their own, sometimes works too.

    As for naps, I would rock them to sleep. This worked for me because they would not nap anyother way, but some kids just don't need naps. Mine gave them up before they were 3. The upside was I could put them to bed at night earlier. This was when I would get the most stuff done.

    Though I am not a routine type of person, I found that when my kids were little they thrived best on structure. So, some routine is best because then they know what to expect.

  8. napping is tough if the baby sleeps maybe lay down with him a bit to get used to it

    the park district is great for low cost classes also check your local forest preserves a lot of them offer free drop in classes good luck...the days are long but the years go by fast!

  9. you have a children's museum near you?? the annual fee is usually reasonable and will save your sanity esp. in the winter

    i would also look into finding a mon's group....maybe through your city's newcomer committee or look up mops(mothers of preschoolers) can google for nearest group

  10. I don't know about you, but when I was home with a baby and a 5 year-old I was sort of hesitant to go out. I hated having to carry all that gear and the buckling and unbuckling was a headache. We did stuff at home. We cooked a lot. We walked a lot. My plan was to tire them out so they would nap.

    Once you get a routine down it will all fall into place. Just remember that it's different for you, and it's also different for them. You are all adjusting to it.

    The other thing that I feel is very important is that you get some "me" time once the kids are down. Even if it's only to drive to Starbucks for a tea or coffee.

  11. Of course, the "me" time is dependent on the Hub being around.


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