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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A night in the life

8:30 PM: Lights out for little boys
9:00 PM: boys finally go to sleep
9:05 PM: work on hemming pants for husband, who is leaving Wednesday morning for a three day overnight business trip
9:25 PM: nurse baby
9:50 PM: settle baby in bed
10:00 PM:  take out trash so dog does not eat it, feed dog, turn off lights in every room, etc
10:20 PM: go to bed!
12:07 PM (AM? I should know this): Baby wakes up to eat
12:35 ?M: Back to bed
3:08 AM: Baby wakes up to eat. And fuss. And poop. And eat some more. I twitter and facebook.
4:32 AM: Back to bed That is not a typo
5:00 AM: Alarm goes off to wake Mike up. Snooze.
5:09 AM: Alarm goes off to wake Mike up again, and I turn it off. He asks why. SERIOUSLY??
6:10 AM: Mike wakes me to tell me goodbye, as he leaves for his three day overnight business trip.
6:12 AM: I hear noise from the boy's room.
6:19 AM: The Pirate appears in my bed (boo) fully dressed (yay!)
6:20 AM: The Bug appears in my bed, half dressed, with diaper full of poop.
6:21 AM: Out of bed, dressing Bug.
6:25 AM: Putting together puzzle of the United States. WTF?


6:54 AM: blogging. need coffee. Baby, thankfully, still asleep.

At least we're on track to be out the door on time at 7:30.

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  1. Whew! I don't think I could do it anymore - I guess that's why young people have babies.

  2. Hang in there. I agree with Bermudaonion.....I am to old for all of that but that is why you are 33 or 34 and having babies:)

  3. Em breastfed every 30-45 minutes until she was about 6 months old. Then she stretched it to 90 minutes or so. I was so tired that I would forget which boob I gave her first and boy would she remind me. My feeding logs were hysterical to look at later because they were in some weird, unknown language.

    I was a milk machine... when I pumped I pumped about 15 ounces a shot so I know she was getting plenty but man!!

    Your schedule reminded me of those days. I had an independent 5 year old that took care of himself though. You still have the two boys on top of everything. God bless you.


  4. Boy, does that bring back memories of when I had 4 little ones and a husband who worked out of town all week. I hear you!!!

  5. Oh yeah--that's one of the reasons I didn't have any more kids! It's amazing that children survive their early lives with sleep-deprived moms!

  6. That sounds like a rough night, but what an adorable photo of the boys sleeping!

  7. Please don't hit me! :) This, too, shall pass. Someday. Yet, all too soon. If you blink a couple of times your children will be grown and gone away from home. And, then, all too soon your grandchildren will be grown. Really - just a few blinks.

    I am sorry you are having to do all this by yourself.

  8. Just realized how glad I am that I have only one in diapers. I feel for you and all I have to say is thank God for starbucks sometimes :) It is a great picture of the boys though!

  9. My nights will soon be like that. At least the late night feedings. :-)


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