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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A princess at 9 months

Ya'll want a Princess update?

At almost 9 months she says (and knows she's saying)
DaDA!, uhoh, and mama (muhmuh).  She crawls with all speed and
determination and follows us around like a puppy. She chases her
brothers into their room and looks for small toys to choke on and
unsteady toys to pull up on. She pulls to standing on anything over 4
inches high and falls regularly. She signs "all done!" but I think she
thinks it means "pick me up" as she uses it when she's done with the
crib or the walker or hell, just done being on the floor. Or the grass,
the evil evil horrible nasty GRASS.

She has three teeth on bottom and at least one on top, but will not let me
look to see if there might be two. She is still largely breastfed,
through laziness on my part, but when she does eat food it's almost
always food she can put in her own mouth. I give her the occasional
baby cereal and think I might do yogurt soon, but no baby food (again,
laziness, not planned.) She eats banana, avocado, potatoes, noodles,
rice, beans, lentils (not so well), peas, cooked carrots, cheerios,
cheese, apple slivers (apples scare me for choking more than most
things, I'm not sure why), bits of various bread, the occasional french
fry, other stuff I can't think of. I'm starting to give her water or
very watered down juice in a sippy cup so she learns to use one. She
doesn't ever have bottles (laziness, again) and I'm not about to introduce
them on a regular basis just to wean her off again.

She is very much a mama's girl and really wants little to do with Mike
if I'm around. She and the Pirate are madly madly in love with each other
and I'd be heartbroken if it ever changed. She and the Bug have a love
hate relationship, as you might imagine.

She was just at the dr this week for pink eye(!) and weighs 18lbs 1 oz. She also had her first black eye last week, after falling (onto a baby toy, not even onto one of the million pointy superheroes or big kid toys that litter our house.)

I often want to freeze her in time so she doesn't get any bigger, it's going so fast. I can't believe how much I love that baby.

(sorry for the weird spacing, this was composed elsewhere and pasted in!)

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  1. I can't believe it's been nine months already. Okay... let this be your challenge... add her to the header pic by her 1 yr bday. K? LOL. I know you love me.

  2. What a joy for you and your family!

  3. She is a beautiful princess and your laziness is too her benefit...she doesn't need a bottle!

  4. My youngest just busted his head open (luckily the doc just butterflied it) on a speaker because even though he is walking all over the place he can still be quite unsteady :) I can't believe how fast she is growing and that she is already 9 months old...where did the time go? Since we are done having little ones, I find that I am more emotional with my youngest child. I cried the first time he took steps and just can't imagine him getting any bigger. I love this picture of her! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Elisabeth/puzzle friend9:38 PM, May 18, 2011

    A girl after my own heart, raised mine without baby food, watered down juice and some of them straight to a cup and no bottle. So much easier. I also never used a potty chair. I am not a fan of all that baby paraphernalia.

  6. I cannot believe that she is 9 months old! As someone who has only been a mommy for almost four weeks (yes, I said four), I can attest to how heartbreaking growing up is. LE is just beautiful. And I love that Pirate is so in love with her. I hate that I won't see you guys this summer. Boo!

  7. I adored reading this post. Your Princess is the sweetest thing. Truly.

    I think Princess' method of progressing to solid food is totally natural. Both of my girls were exclusively breastfed, too and neither ever had commercially prepared baby food. For my first, I made homemade baby food by pureeing or mashing fruits and veggies here and there... my second did exactly as Princess is doing by eating those little morsels of grown up food... and sometimes I'd mash something with a fork right in her bowl, but that's it. So easy, right? And the proof is right there--your daughter thriving!!! :D

  8. So I had starred a bunch of your posts when I was reading but couldn't comment. This one is one - I love love your Princess on the grass photos. I think you could do a whole book. Her little outfits are so cute!!


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