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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bring Your Lunch: Quick & Tasty Wallet-Friendly Lunches for Grownups by Califia Suntree

I was SO excited to see this cookbook pop up on NetGalley. My work schedule has recently changed so that I only get a 30 minute lunch period each day*. This is not enough time to go home and eat, so I have been bringing my lunch every day. I have a handful of constraints- while we do have a fridge and microwave at our disposal, they are in the dungeon of a basement and I prefer to use my precious 30 minutes to actually eat. So food should ideally be both ok eaten at room temperature and not be so delicate that it will spoil in a lunch box with blue ice for a couple hours. During the winter I'll be more willing to sit in the basement, but so long as the weather is nice I plan to eat outside at the picnic table. So you can see why this cookbook would get my attention!

I ultimately found about 1/4 of the book useful- the sections on containers and packaging, and the general ideas for sandwiches and salads. I did not find any of the recipes useful because so many of them required actual reheating and refrigeration. None of them seemed quick to me. Basically, she was giving out regular recipes cut down to one or two servings and then reheated. I can figure out how to make leftovers on my own. I was hoping for some nice room temperature salads or other ideas and the book completely fails on that. If you have time to sit and reheat and space to spread out your lunch, this may be ideal for you, but for myself, it was pretty useless.
Bring Your Lunch was published on September 9th.

*I'm taking 30 minute lunches so I can leave at 2:30 on Wednesdays to take the Princess to ballet class.

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