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Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Friday, The Last 9 Days.

Things have gotten crazy up in here up in here. I'm too tired to do this in any way but bullets. Here we go!

  • On Thursday the 19th, we bought a house. THANK GOD it was the same one we already live in.
    My house is a boring box. FOR NOW.
  • We closed at 1:00, drove through Arby's and then went home and gutted the kitchen. We emptied and took down all the upper cabinets and removed the disgusting carpet. By bed time we had removed all the hardware, patched holes, textured the walls and painted the kitchen. We also took down the ancient screen door on the front of the house.
  • Friday we borrowed a truck and drove 5 hours round trip to buy flooring. Friday night we started rehanging the cabinets, at ceiling level.
  • Saturday we got the cabinets up, took a few down again, and put them back up. (Turns out a 33" cabinet and a 36" cabinet look a lot alike.) I painted all the hardware- from ugly brass to a nice brushed nickel, and put the doors back on.
    Clear winner.
  • Sunday we built some shelving. Let me rephrase that, *I* built some shelving, from plywood and oak tape and stain and I got to use a lot of tools. Mike put up brackets and we installed a row of open shelving under the now higher cabinets. We touched up paint and contemplated 60 year old linoleum. This bullet sounds like not a full days work, but we were busy all day.
    Look! Kitchen carpet AND fancy linoleum!
  • Monday we put down plywood over the linoleum.
  • Tuesday I stained some more wood and Mike worked on the crown at the ceiling level.
  • Wednesday we did a lot of tiny catch up things. Staining small places we missed, tons of little things.
I'll post before and after shots later, I like the big reveal moment.

Tired yet? What else did we do?
  • Aside from Thursday and Friday, we worked our normal jobs. Having no kitchen is much like camping in your own home. You have showers and beds, but want a cup? HAHAHA. Yeah right. This is my kitchen, in my dining room. That's right, the dining room was unusable too for much of the week.
    I should drink some of that liquor. Might help.
  • On Thursday night, my elderly cat Phoebe, the last of my Alabama kitties, died in her sleep. She was 18 and grouchy, but she's the end of an era for me.
    Phoebe. 1996-2015
  • On Monday night our dog Scout got literally deathly ill and had a trip to the emergency vet. She had the doggie flu. (Who knew?? I didn't.) 
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday nights I prepared Boxtops for PTO. To be clear, not just my own, the ENTIRE SCHOOL's Boxtops.
  • We ("Noah") completed his 1st grade science fair project. He melted leftover candy canes in different solutions.
  • On Thursday night (last night), I attended Kindergarten orientation for my baby girl. HOW??
    Two weeks ago, when you could see the floor. Or as I like to call it, Before Chaos.
I. Need. A. Nap.

Book Report!
HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right.


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I am sorry to hear about your kitty. I also am sorry to hear you had to take an emergency trip to the vet! Hopefully my dog does not get the flu... The first year is so expensive as it is! (Thankfully he is neutered now, though!) I cannot believe that your youngest is going to Kindergarten! Where has the time gone!! Good luck with your kitchen! I look forward to the big reveal. (And congrats on the new house!)

  2. Good luck with your kitchen. And, reading your recitation of your week - I'm exhausted. Sorry about your kitty. Phoebe looked very much like my daughter's old cat, Moe. He's in heaven too. :-)

    Take care and look forward to your big reveal. And, no, I didn't know dogs could get the flu. But why not? Seems almost everyone else has had it. Glad he had a good vet.

  3. Congratulations on buying the house! It sounds like all that hard work will pay off pretty quickly.

  4. I cannot believe everything you got done so quickly! You two are the Energizer Bunnies!


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