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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Five more running things I'd really like

These Brooks Chaser shorts. I prefer shorts that will hold my phone and I'd love to try these. That price tag tho!

A pair of Oofos sandals. They are ugly, but word is they are the best, and my feet need the best after these long runs.

A new Spibelt. I have a Flipbelt, which I love, but it doesn't always play well with my hydration belt. Some runs I need more pockets!

Yet another pair of bluetooth earbuds. The ones I have work fine and sound fine, but the controls are really heavy and pull the speaker on that side out of my ear every step.

A second pair of these arm warmers. I have the purple ones and wear them all the time. Sometimes the purple clashes badly with everything else. I highly recommend these for days that the run starts around 40F, much better than a long sleeved shirt over your tank.

Are you a runner? What gear are you wanting?

1 comment:

  1. I've just started jogging and am struggling to find inexpensive shorts that will hold my phone.


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