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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Big List of Lists

I think this is the most perfect post ever. It's got books, lists, humor- what more could I want? If you haven't yet clicked on the link (and why haven't you?) it's a list of possible book lists. Not content with the standard "10 Best Books of All Time" or "10 Best Books of 2006", this is the mother of all lists. Some examples:

  • Books I Will Never Read But Have a Great Title
  • Books My Friends Should Give Back: It Was Just a Loan
  • Books I Keep Re-reading, but Only After Enough Time Has Passed That I've Forgotten the Ending (Which Means I Must Not Like Them THAT Much and Should Therefore Not Even Bother)
  • Books You Put Off Reading Because You Were Afraid They Weren't Going to Live Up to Your Expectations

It's from the blog 50 Books, which I am on my way to add to the sidebar now! The author of the blog plans to actually make lists of books to go with each topic, so if this is your kind of thing bookmark it and check back.

I wish I had thought of it first. (And might steal the idea on occasion, giving credit to her, of course.)

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