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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

. . .Thirteen things I enjoy other than books. . .

  1. Knitting, even though I am slow and barely know the basics.
  2. Quilting.
  3. Vanilla lattes.
  4. Shopping, in particular, shoe and purse shopping
  5. Playing a tourist in the Black Hills.
  6. American Idol, the shame.
  7. Snuggling with the monkey boy.
  8. Going to bed ridiculously early on Friday nights.
  9. Eating out, by myself or with others.
  10. Watching the snow.
  11. Really hot showers.
  12. Spending time with my husband.
  13. Posting on this blog.
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  1. Lucky you, you get snow! :) I shouldn't complain, we did have a couple of inches of snow a couple of weeks ago. It's very rare, though.

  2. I soooo love blogging, lol. I love books, too, but rarely get to read them right now. I guess I could give up computer time for them, hmmmmmmmmm. Probably won't, though.

  3. Nice blog! Like your TBR list for the From the Stacks Challenge.

    And great idea for a TT--things I like other than books. I like eating out too, alone as well as with company. When I'm alone, I can have a book with me! And be waited on while I read. :-)

  4. LOL @ Hot Showers. My husband says I make my skin fall off cuz it's so hot LOL!!! It's almost like I can't get it hot enough. Until my stomach starts spasming cuz it's so hot LOL!! I love that feeling of a hot hot shower

    Happy T13!!

  5. We like American Idol here, too. My husband got me hooked a couple seasons ago. Crazy but fascinating.

    Happy T13!

  6. vanilla lattes! shoes! purses! blogging! all good stuff!

    (can you tell i'm excited? ;)

    thanks for stopping by my place! :)

  7. I love blogging and books. This is a great list.

    My TT is up, too.

    :-) Susan


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