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Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Math and What I Did This Weekend

First, the Ugly. I got 6 new books this week from PBS. One of them I will not be counting in this total as it is a decor book and not something I would sit down to read. So, 5 new books added to the 32 for the year and I'm at 37 books in. I did not finish even ONE book. I'm still at 15 books read, bringing me to 22 books behind. This is the 12th week of the year though, so I'm a little ahead on the goal of 52 books this year.

This might lead you to ask: So what have you been doing with all your free time?

It was a very full weekend at our house. The Man of the House and I spent some quality time tearing down sections of fence and putting them back up. We had dinner out- TWICE! I picked up and put down a half-dozen books before settling on Rachel's Holidy and getting some reading done. His Monkeyness and I went to the park. I updated his blog.

Mostly, I crocheted in my free time. See, I joined The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along. I've always been a bit of a crochet-snob. My grandmother knits and I always thought of knitting as the superior craft. I haven't got a lot of knitting done lately though, as the monkey likes to grab what I'm working on and run. I am not very skilled at ripping out knitting and starting over, so I only knit when he is asleep or otherwise absent. I've had it in my head that crochet might be a good alternative, as it's only one hook and one loop to keep track of, instead of two needles and all those stitches. The Ripple- Along caught my attention and I was off. As it turns out, crochet is MUCH more forgiving when handled by toddlers. I started a little afghan and have been working on it whenever I have a minute. This will put a serious damper on my reading time. I'm slow, but hey, I just learned. Here's what I've got so far:

Not so exciting to you maybe, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

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  1. I'm seriously considering joining one of these crochet-alongs. I'm leaning toward the granny along. Because, you know, I don't have enough to do already!


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