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Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday's Math

I had a good weekend of reading. I read all of Ephron's book, finished Sufficient Grace (review to follow), and most of Under the Duvet. I even got a teeny bit of knitting in!

Ok, last week I was at 21 books in, 9 read, leaving a surplus of 12. Over the last week I got three more from paperbackswap and purchased one (The Inheritance of Loss.) So I'm up to 25 books in. I finished three books, bring books read to 12, so I only slid 1 position to 13 extra books. Pretty good! I still have a ton from PBS coming to me this week (the mailbox was curiously empty of EVERYTHING on Friday and Saturday, and no, we weren't blocking it) so expect to fall behind more before the week is out.

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