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Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday's Math and weekend reading

First, the ugly. I got 6 new books this week and only finished one. So- 53 in, 19 read, 34 behind. My name is Lisa, and I have a problem.

This week I finished up Plum Lovin' by Evanovich, which I had planned to tag a mini review onto the reviews of everything else I finished this weekend. Only- I didn't. Finish anything, that is.

I did manage another stripe on my blanket, if that counts...

Tonight my husband and I are spending the night out of town. This will be the Monkey's very first night without one of us there. Therefore this is the first night we've had together, without him, since his birth (unless you count that first week while he was in the NICU, and I don't.) Wish us luck. I'm sure he'll be fine.


  1. Oh, Lisa, you don't have a problem until you have least ONE zero on the end of that 34!

    Hope the time with the hubby is fun!

  2. Lisa, if you think you have a problem, I haven't finished ONE book this year. Wait, do picture books count?

    My books started in 2007 is growing and growing. I sort of have this internal contest about which book I will finish first. What book will win?

  3. But isn't that the best problem to have? :)
    I won't even tell you how many unread books I have.

  4. Perhaps I wasn't clear- that's just 34 unread books in 2007. I have hundreds and hundreds more than that. I've just been keeping track this year.


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