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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Things on my To-Do List:

  1. Write thank-you cards for the monkey's gifts, so the monkey can "sign" them.
  2. Update the monkey's blog for the out-of-town grandparents benefit.
  3. Order some pictures for my mom. I love ordering pictures from Walgreens. I can upload the pictures here in South Dakota, and place an order for pickup in Alabama. In one hour!
  4. Finish the little gift for my new nephew.
  5. Finish Addison's blanket. Hahahaha, yeah right. She's almost one.
  6. Mail a little package of happiness to a friend of mine.
  7. Work on my ripple blanket.
  8. Mail a book for paperbackswap.
  9. Read something. As you can tell by the new element in my sidebar, I keep starting new books.
  10. Finally post my nominees for the Thinking Blogger award.
  11. Purchase an absurd number of gifts for birthdays in April and May. Ouch.
  12. Start looking for plane tickets for our trip to Alabama/Tennessee this summer.
  13. Check out Booktribes.

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  1. Wow! You have a lot to do! I have read the Mediator series and it is really good. :) I love the way Meg Cabot writes. :)

  2. You are going to be a busy girl! I didn't know that you could get pictures sent to a different location from Walgreens. That is really good info. I also need to post a list for the thinking blogger award -- I can't seem to get around to it. My TT is also posted.

  3. It might not have been clear from my post. You sit on your couch, upload some pictures, pick your walgreens, and then 1 hours later- pictures! It even tells you if your picture is too low res to print well. You can get up to 8x10s. I totally love it.

  4. Thanks for introducing me to BOOKTRIBE what a great idea!

    Sounds like you have a very busy week.

    I'm all about lessons learned from my parents . . . on my TT #9.

  5. Sounds like you have lots to do. And, you are coming to my part of the US this summer, to boot.

    Check out my Thursday Thirteen

  6. Oh, I need to make my own list, too.

    Thanks for reminding.


  7. What a busy list.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  8. ...and I thought I was busy. :)

    Good luck getting it all done!

  9. Booktribes looks interesting. I will have to take a closer look at it later. Happy TT!

  10. Hope you get it all done!! :o)

    Thanks for stopping by! Banana Laffy Taffy is the best! :o)

  11. I've been meaning to start writing to-do lists. I can't keep ANYTHING in my head for longer than a second these days.... ;)

  12. You're sure going to be busy!

  13. Following a fellow TT'ers challenge to find new Blogs to return to, I stumbled upon yours and I quite like it.

    The first thing I noticed is we are both a part of the ripple along!

    I invite you to do this challenge next week - find 5 new blogs to read and post them on your site. Stop by my site for the Link to Shelly...she's the one who started this challenge.

  14. I think I'm afraid to check out BookTribes. I already have two trading sites plus a great book talk community. I'm going to drown in all these books! (if they don't bury me first)

    Happy TT; hope you get some of this stuff done -- especially getting the PBS book in the mail. Those reminders are annoying things!

  15. Uh-Oh! I cannot check out Booktribes. I don't have time for that. But, it looks like fun!

    You need a nap, my friend.


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