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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vacation Notice

First, my thoughts are with the family and friends of Nattie.

We leave tomorrow night for vacation (you may have read about it before now) and I thought I'd do one last wrap up before we head out. I've decided to take Spook by Mary Roach and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I think. I still have 24 hours to make up my mind. We are mostly packed, just need to finish cleaning house. We leave tomorrow evening for the airport.

I just found this youtube video. I don't know how to embed it in my blog or I would. It's a kind of history of women in art for the last 500 years. It's very very cool. There are some stunningly beautiful women in it, I wish each one had the name of the artwork attached.

You should also go check out these pictures of tigers. How cool is this?

We will be taking my laptop with us, but I do not know if we'll be online. Have a good week!


  1. Have a GREAT vacation!! Be safe and have fun!

  2. That is the picture that The Woman used for her wallpaper!

  3. I saw the women in art video earlier this week. It was great! Have a great vacation! Diane

  4. Have a great vacation.

    Those tigers are so cool.

  5. Awesome, have a great vaca~


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