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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm never buying another book again

(Ok, I saw this link on someone else's blog last night- but I closed the window before making a note of whose it was, so if it was you, thanks! This is so great.)

Stuart McLean, the host of the ever-popular CBC Radio show Vinyl Café, goes public with his new policy on book purchases...

I would like to take a moment this morning, if you would indulge me, to say I am not going to buy another book ever again ever in my life. I am not going to buy another book ever again ever in my life.


I have been told if I say this out loud, like this, I might find it helpful, though I don’t think I need that kind of help...actually I have been instructed to say it out loud like this. And I have agreed. So there you go: I have bought my last book.


If it falls under any of those “special” circumstances or any other circumstances that I can’t think of right now but might qualify as “special” at a later date, then I am allowed to buy that book even if I already own it and it is in the basement somewhere.

It's the perfect essay, and I suspect WAY too many of us understand. Go read the whole thing.


  1. Oh, can I relate to that! I'm never buying another book again, either. Unless it's on my must-buy list. Or enough people rave about it (I'm a little pickier--I'll say at least five... unless it's somebody whose taste I know I share). Or if somebody whose blog I've read comes out with a new book--I think that's only fair, and I want to encourage new writers, right? Or if it occurs to me that I haven't read a new-to-me author in a while, I think it would be okay to buy a boxful (have to get that free shipping) from Amazon's bargain bin.

    Maybe if I just try to stick to under $100 a month.

  2. After buying TWO baby-whisperer books last week, I could say the same thing. NEVER AGAIN! ;) But, that's impossible! ;)

  3. LOL! That is the funniest thing ever.

    I am on a self-imposed library ban and I am having withdrawals. And, it only started today.

  4. LOL! That's great! Thanks for sharing it. I can always somehow justify buying new books!

  5. I'm constantly banning myself from buying books and then I always find a way around it thanks to all the conditions I tack on. LOL Great article. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bad bad bad. I think every book I own is "special".

    I may have to post this on my blog because I have a story about buying books and my reaching the ultimate level of patheticness.

    Thanks for posting!!


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