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Monday, September 03, 2007

We're home!

Actually, we got home yesterday. I was just too pooped to post! We had a great little vacation, but I think we were all very happy to be home. We went shopping (Barnes & Noble, World Market, The Children's Place), we went to the zoo(very sad old-style zoo), we saw Sesame Street LIVE!, we went to Falls Park, we went to the Washington Pavilion to see the Kirby Science Discovery Center (very interactive and hands-on, lots of fun, even for two year olds), we walked and walked and walked. We ate at the Spicy Pickle (twice), Cracker Barrel (twice!), Timberlodge Steakhouse, Phillips Avenue Diner and Famous Dave's.

I finished one book (review to come) and knitted half a bag. We pretty much avoided the hotel unless it were time for the Monkey to sleep, and the Monkey refused to go to sleep with any lights on, so we had to go to bed when he did. The horror!

Now we just have to find time to unpack, do all the laundry, and get in the mindset of WORK tomorrow.

I have updated the Monkey's photo page with everything except Sesame Street pictures. Feel free to hop over and look if you know the link. If not, email me and I'll hook ya up.

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