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Monday, February 18, 2008


Lots of things to post about here today. The monkey and I are both off today and had big plans for shopping and lunch, but woke up to being snowed in. So I guess we'll hang out at home instead!

I blogged about my two most recent reads over on We'd Rather Read, be sure to stop by and check it out. I'm currently reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher. It's a really fast book and with this snow I'll probably finish it today. I'm not sure what's up next. I have the next Dresden book, but I also have Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. And several hundred other possibilities.

We've started the huge task of turning our guest room into the new baby's nursery. My husband built some shelving in the closet that is custom sized to accommodate those square cloth boxes. We'll be using those instead of a dresser. The closet is 54 inches wide and he built a waist high shelf all the way across that we'll be using as a changing table. I need to find a cream or tan shower curtain to use as a door. I started removing all our books from the two floor to ceiling shelves and dispersing them to other parts of the house. I decided to leave all the "classics" in there on the theory that kids eventually need to read the classics. Right? I also left all the kid books, even the ones that are way too old for either child (Little House on the Prairie, Harry Potter, Inkheart, etc.) If we end up buying another set of shelves I'll probably move the classics out.

We bought one large set of shelves to put in the living room, but it only holds part of the books. I like to mix framed pictures and stuff in with my books so part of the shelves aren't books, but I like the way it looks. I've dealt with most of the non-fiction, but still need to address fiction. As it turns out, my husband is resistant to getting rid of any book he's ever read, so while most of the books are mine, most of the already-read books are his. The shelves in the living room have five shelves. Because this is a bookish blog, I will bore you with what made it out here-
Top Shelf: religion, books and authors, current event stuff like The Tipping Point
Second Shelf: Travel books- Bill Bryson, my growing collection of Italy books, a statue of Don Quixote, a picture from our Mexico trip
Middle Shelf: History, largely WWII and Stephen Ambrose
Fourth Shelf: Baseball
Bottom Shelf: Random mix of large hardcovers

There will eventually be more odds and ends mixed in, I'm getting the books here first. We have shelves in the basement for overflow.

I bought fabric for the new baby's quilt this weekend, so that will be underway soon. We have the curtains ready to be hung once the giant desk is moved out of the way. Then it's largely a matter of moving the daybed across the room and clearing out the rest of the odds and ends. It's so much more real this time than with the Monkey. This time we KNOW what's coming. Two kids. Yikes.

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  1. Wow your bookshelf sounds organized. I have my shelves separated into two categories: read and unread ( shelf devoted to challenge books). The read/unread books are categorized alphabetically (mostly). My hardbacks are together...mostly for appearance sake (because it freaks me out when the books are all different levels of height--because I'm weird like that). :)


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