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Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Pirate..

The pirate monkey turns three today! I can't believe it. It seems crazy that there's been a small person in my house for three years already. We had his party on Saturday and it seemed to be hugely successful. The pirate raced around chasing other kids with swords for a couple of hours, had some cake and soda and collapsed into bed at 8. So did his parents. I didn't get many pictures from the party as my camera batteries died (of course) but a couple of my in-laws did and promise to forward them on. In the meantime, here's one action shot that I did get.

Yesterday we tried to take it easy to recover from the chaos. The pirate decided that he had an ear ache, even though he was running no fever or and is not prone to ear infections. Last night he cried for his mommy no less than 15 times. Possibly as many as two dozen. I lost count at some point. It was without a doubt the greatest number of times I have ever gotten up with him in one night and I did not sleep for more than 45 minutes in any one stretch. Then if you add in the times his daddy got up for him it becomes a comedy. To somebody not us. I can't remember ever being this tired. He woke up in a good mood though, and says nothing hurts and he's fine today. Still no fever.

Other than this strange and tiring night, he is such an awesome kid. He's so verbal and imaginative and smart. He loves puzzles and letters and I am certain he will be reading by his next birthday (except that I just jinxed him). He's usually fun to hang out with (see last night for an example of when he's NOT). I can't wait for summer when we can get outside and run and play. He's so excited about the new baby. I admit to being really nervous about his actual reaction when the new baby becomes an actual baby living in our house. I'm a bit nervous about MY reaction for that matter.

I am 34 days from my due date. I would like to make it until May 2nd. (May 10th being the official date.) I would also like to have a name in mind by then.

I finished one book this weekend and will review it soon. I started Snow Flower and the Secret Fan last night and got 1/4 into it. It goes really quickly. It's one of the books on my personal TBR challenge for this year and I hope to have it done by TBR Day on the 16th of this month.

Hope everyone else had a lovely and non-tiring weekend.


  1. I see someone else has a little one that can cause EXHAUSTION - both of mine have gone through the calling to us phase...who am I kidding, they still do it (at 4 and 2). Good luck with everything - I will be watching for baby pics:)

  2. What a sweet little face! (Of course they all look sweet on mute!). :) I look forward to reading your review of Snow Flower. I saw that she has a new book out also. Glad it's the reading is quick--gives me something to look forward to!

  3. Elliot does the earache thing as well - his ear mysteriously only hurts at nighttime and then he's fine in the morning. I was really worried about Elliot's (and my!) reaction to the new baby, but just know that Elliot has been fantastic! Really sweet and very helpful - it's not all sibling rivalry horror stories!

  4. I think the name is the easiest part of my own pregnancy! We've had names picked out for about 4 years...we made it too easy on ourselves! Good luck with your names!


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