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Sunday, July 27, 2008

We went camping.

We took the boys camping yesterday and it was a mix of good and really bad. The good- the Pirate was THRILLED to go camping. We set up the tent, we had a little picnic, the weather was beautiful. We took the dog. (She broke through the hardware THREE TIMES to chase deer and squirels.

The baby slept GREAT in nature, he would later sleep from about 8pm until daybreak, even sleeping thought the Bad.

The Bad. The mattress pump conked out before we inflated the FIRST mattress. We had two. So we slept ON THE GROUND. Just as we started cooking dinner, the rain started. It rained and rained. We hid in tents and under the trees. It stopped raining, we sat around the campfire and had some smores- how great!

The boys and I settled into the tent after dark. The bug was sleeping soundly. The pirate though, the pirate was a grump. And got grumpier. By the middle of the night he was shivering and chattering and was too hot to touch. The weather was perfect for camping- not too hot, not too cold- but he was freezing. And hot. So at daybreak we got up and packed up the tent as quietly possible to come home. It's about an hours drive and the Pirate asked to go home all the way. Today he has slept more than he has been awake, and he has eaten very little. He's still pretty warm and it's not looking promising for tomorrow.

Amazingly, I think we're gonna try it again in a few weeks!

(PS. I'm having trouble placing the images. My apologies if it's all funky.)



  1. I had to laugh when you said you had to sleep on the ground. When I was growing up, my family went camping in the mountains quite frequently. We had a tent and sleeping bags, but there was no air mattress. My dad was opposed to them--saying camping was about roughing it (let's not talk about the fact that there was a public restroom at the camping ground half a mile from where we stayed with showers). :-) It wasn't until my brother and I were grown that my parents decided that an air mattress might not be so bad.

  2. Sorry that the Pirate wasn't feeling well but I am glad you are going again. We just loved camping when our girls were younger.

  3. We are going this weekend and I really hope there's more good than bad!

  4. feline- I grew up camping on the ground too. I just thought maybe I was grown up enough to get the mattress by now! When I was a kid we camped almost every weekend on an island on the river- no toliets, not showers, no electricity, no nuttin'.

    juliann- we're definately going again, I think even the Pirate wants to go.

    suey- hope your trip is better than ours.

  5. Sounds like despite the rain and a flat mattress (i.e. the ground) you guys had a great time! I can't wait for cooler weather when we can go again!

    Here's our last camping trip (OK--our first and only):

  6. OMG, what cute little campers you have! Absolutely adorable. I've never actually gone camping, but I hope to someday. :)


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