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Friday, October 10, 2008

Tomorrow he will be closer to One.

Can you believe that the Bug is 6 months old today? I can not.

He is the most awesome little person. So calm and happy, most of the time. 6 months is the perfect age. He's aware of what's going on around him. He watches us and the animals and gets sad when we leave the room. He is deliriously happy to see me in the morning when he wakes up. He's as perfect as babies get, and I just love him so much. I was so worried before he was born that I wouldn't be able to love the second one as much as the first. Thankfully, this is not the case, and my heart overflows with the love.
He almost sits on his own. He rolls himself across rooms to get to things that interest him. No teeth yet, but we suspect crawling in his near future. He goes next week to get weighed, but I expect about 17 lbs.

He's been eating rice cereal and oatmeal for a while, but isn't very good at it. More of it ends up on him than in him as his tongue doesn't quite work the way it should. Last night we introduced pears and somehow he got all that down. He's quite the little beggar, wants everything we're eating. Don't tell the parent police, but I shared my vanilla ice cream with him the other night. He was heartbroken every time I'd put the cone down to wipe his chin. He was literally throwing himself at the ice cream. He's his mama's son for sure. (The Pirate does not like ice cream. He might be an alien.)

He's slept all night in his bed for 4 or 5 nights running now. I put him down between 7:30 and 8:30, still slightly awake, and he sleeps until 5:30 or 6. He has woken up and fussed a little, but didn't need us to attend to him. He still seems awfully little to be in a room by himself, but it is nice to stretch out in my own bed.
This last picture is the Pirate at 6 months, for comparison.


  1. What precious children! Enjoy every minute you can.

  2. Gorgeous photos! He's a doll. :)

  3. Boys are much easier. LOL. I have one of each so I can say that. They are both dolls.

  4. Cute photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My baby will be one next Friday. Aack! I think I may have a good cry on Friday and then we'll celebrate :)

  6. Thanks everyone, I think he's a doll too. Sadly, posting this broke the sleeping streak and he was a little bear today. He's sleeping now, and seems to innocent.

    Sam, I can't imagine how much it'll kill me when he turns one. I fully expect him to be our last and it'll be so so hard.

  7. Too cute! I love your nicknames for you babies. :)


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