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Friday, November 28, 2008

Do you Twitter?

I blame this post on Bermudaonion.

Do you Twitter? I signed up a long time ago, but haven't really used it. I found that I didn't like having updates sent to gmail chat* and I don't have enough text messages a month to send them there. But recently, someone (ahem) asked if any of us used Twitter, so I went back over and found a bunch of YOU there! So I'm going to try to update more. I often have a tiny thing I want to say that isn't really much of a blog post, so I'll try to do it there instead. Feel free to follow me there.

*there is one person I follow who does all these tweets about where she is physically, like what store, and what street and that sort of thing. She lives across the country from me, and I don't know all these places, and it overwhelmed my google chat. So I disabled them. And now I don't see that I could enable them again anyway. I see that a lot of people use TwitterDeck. Is that a good thing?

Roughly the same day, I asked Ms. Onion how she got hooked up with all these awesome book giveaways, and she told me about Book Blogs. It's like Facebook! For Books! But without all those stupid Lil' Green plant things! So, I signed up there too.

If you no longer have any free time, blame the onion.


  1. You literally made me laugh out loud! I've been having fun with Twitter and Book Blogs is the best networking site out there, in my opinion.

  2. I love Twitter because I feel like it lets us get to know each other better. I don't like to blog about anything that's not at least book related in some way, so Twitter lets me have an outlet to say if I'm having a sick day or if I had my car sideswiped (which just happened). I use Twitter Fox - it just pops up in my browser. It's fine because I don't follow thousands of people. If I did, I'd have to use something else.

  3. It's insane how many places we can all connect,huh! I'm also at both the places you mentioned. I've just barely started Twitter too and have only a small following. I'm still trying to understand the "point" of Twitter, but find it fun to say in one sentence "what I'm doing."

  4. I love Twitter too, and just signed up to follow you :)

    I don't post updates to Twitter as much as I do status updates in Facebook, but it's still fun. Sometimes I twitter from my new phone, but not often. :)

  5. No idea what twitter is. I signed up for Book Blogs several months ago and haven't been on regularly since then. I signed up for the Armchair Traveler discussion group, but I wish that it would notify me any time there is a new discussion because I miss out on a lot because I forget to check it. :(

  6. Don't like Twitter. Had an account for a few months, but it was too much, too many people, too many strangers, not my kind of thing. I also don't like Facebook.


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