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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I won a prize!

A while ago I won a giveaway at My Aunt June. We exchanged a few emails and then I promptly forgot about it. A few nights ago, Mike finds a package for me on the doorstep from Aunt June. ("Aunt June? I don't have an Aunt June, do you?") This was my first (and so far only) win of a crafty nature, and I could not wait to break into it.

Look at all the goodness that she sent !

There are some little linen-y scraps. A largeish piece of a striped heavier cotton? (I can't identify fabric well, sorry.) A few coordinating fat quarters. Some zippers, which is awesome cause I just learned how to put a zipper in and I'm dying to figure out how to make these. Three very yummy candles. Some little decorative papers (I'm not sure what one does with those.) And see the plate in the middle there? Hand-painted! I think I'm gonna use it to put jewelry on. If you want some lovely hand-painted goodness, she has an Etsy shop where you can get some for yourself, along with some brand new scarves. Check out that little birdy bowl, how cute is that? (sorry, it's sold, but it's still CUTE.) I think she needs to do some mugs...

Thanks, Lauren, for the awesome gift!

I'm hoping to have time later for a proper post about crafting blogs, of which there are many (just like book blogs.) I had wanted to do it in this post, but the Bug feels that would be a waste of perfectly good time we could be spending together, so I guess I'll go snuggle. It's a hard life.


  1. wow this is a scrapbookers dream! Congrats on a great win!

  2. What a haul! Congratulations!

  3. I'm actually very creative once I sit down to work on something. The creative part of me smiled when I saw your haul.

  4. It's the best when you forget about it! Congrats--looks like a fabulous prize.

  5. Too cool! I love winning! Ok. So I can't sew so if I show you NYC you can help me sew. :) I love your owl bag.

  6. What a lovely prize. I love the tray. Perfect for putting earrings and rings while you sleep or shower.


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