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Monday, December 15, 2008

And then my nostrils froze shut.

<--the exterior temperature on my way to work today (ignore the dust on my dash, please!) That is a minus sign you see there.

It's Monday, so that means The Week Ahead, hosted by SheIsTooFondOfBooks.

This week:

Monday- Finish Giant Secret Project. Mail letters to my representatives about Handmade Toys and the possibility of small time toy makers being put out of business. Click the button over there ---------> (under the ad) for more info.
Tuesday- Photograph Giant Secret Project. Clean house for company.
Wednesday- TBR Day Review. Off work early because someone is actually coming to visit me in SOUTH DAKOTA. (Uh, Jason, better bring a warm coat, ok?)
THIS WEEK-Attempt to make slipper shoes for the Bug. Read. Finish a book. Wrap and mail the 3 remaining packages to be mailed. Buy white corduroy. Start wrapping gifts for under our tree. Take the boys to see Santa. Make one last handmade gift. Finish up Christmas cards (just a dozen or so to go.) Review Coraline. Blog about cool art project the Pirate and I made.

How'd I do last week?

Monday- Finish crayon rolls. Make quick gift bag.
Package 5 of the 8 packages that I have to mail.

Tuesday- Mail 5 packages (AL, SC, NC, NC and CT).
Buy a lot of stamps. Singlehandedly support the USPS

Wednesday- Post holiday meme.
Saturday- Christmas party.
The Bug's first sleepover (Eeep!).

THIS WEEK- Finish handsewing
on the Giant Secret Project. Attempt to make slipper shoes for the Bug. Read.
Finish a book.
Wrap and mail 2 of the 3 remaining packages to be mailed.
Learn how to make a quilt label and do so. Buy white corduroy. Start wrapping
gifts for under our tree. Attempt to make granola (anyone got a recipe they
love?) Take the boys to see Santa. DO NOT GET SICK.

Well, I started off good anyway. What's on your agenda this week? And, is it cold where you live? Can I come live with you?


  1. It's suppose to drop to 30 degrees by Wednesday in Southern California.. at least where I live. We are also expecting SNOW at the lower elevations which would mean a snow day for us because we can't drive in the rain much less snow. We'd all crash into each other for sure.

    I cannot believe your dash temp has a minus in it.

    Here's my week ahead post:

  2. I wonder how much -17 is in Celcius. It sure sounds cold though!

  3. It was -6 when we got up this morning. Winter is here! :-)


  4. Yeow, that's cold! It was quite warm, yesterday (60s, probably), but today rain moved in and we were down to the 40s. That's really quite cold for us. We've spent Christmas in shorts, barefoot.

  5. With that temperature, it seems like the area I'm in is in the middle of a heat wave! It's about 46F out right now, pouring rain.

  6. That's the temp! O my goodness...I would never leave the house. you must wear a great deal of layers and thermal undergarments.

  7. Today is a little warmer- it was -10 when I left the house!

  8. Lisa, just wanted to stop by your blog and thank you again for the great Secret Santa gift you sent me. I've added you to my blog roll, as well. You probably don't want to hear this, but it's supposed to be in the low 70s here in North Carolina this week. I love the pictures of your kids. It brings back many fond memories. My boys are 19 and 21. Christmas just isn't the same anymore. I guess I'll have to wait for grandkids!

  9. Don't you just dream of that 70s weather though? I didn't check our temp on Monday, but yesterday morning my car read -15 on the way to work...YUK!

  10. That control panel shot is incredible! Brrr!

    Will you post a pic of the Giant Secret Project?


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