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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am busier than busy with all the Christmas prep, but I wanted to post a quick post of this little light that the Pirate and I made last weekend. I first saw the idea at Salt and Chocolate, where they made lanterns for Thanksgiving. We didn't have any leaves that weren't dead and crunchy, so we used tissue. I'd have loved to make a few more for grandparents but we ran out of time.

This is our tree. It's pretty bare, but it's unbreakable. There are actually more ornaments than appears- there are a lot of snowflakes you can't see in the picture.We have very few ornaments that aren't snowflakes or balls on it, what with the kids and the animals. The Pirate moves all the ornaments on a daily basis, so they often congregate on one side or the other.

As the Pirate says every time we see lights-we're getting ready for Christmas!



  1. Love the little lantern. Your tree is charming as well. I am having a hard time getting into Christmas. I had all my decorations up the week before Thanksgiving but the weeks have flown by so quickly, that somehow I am missing the mood.

    Now that I am off for two weeks, I'm hoping that it feels more Christmas-y soon.

  2. I know what you mean about the ornaments on the tree. We've had three broken by man handling already. I keep moving them up higher and higher on the tree. Such a cute lantern.

  3. Neat idea! I think your tree looks very nice!

    We have a cat this year (for the first time) so we bought all plastic ornaments for the lower branches just in case. It was a good idea because the tree is the cat's favorite toy. :)

  4. I love your tree. That is the kind of tree we like, but we haven't been able to find since we left Dothan in 1991. Do you know what kind of tree it is?

  5. nice candle! I love it...Ti is right it looks like a little lantern

  6. I love the lantern. I saw it at Salt and Chocolate as well and thought it was a great idea! I love your tree! I've never had a real tree :)

  7. Howdy! You have a Christmas Spirit Award waiting for you at my blog...

  8. Your little lantern turned out great!

  9. We are gonna do the lantern craft now that The Boy is out of school for a couple weeks. It will probably be multipurpose and not Christmas-y though.

    Love yours and your tree.

  10. What a lovely tree, Lisa! Merry Christmas!


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