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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet Frances..

This is Frances.

She is very petite.

I love her.

The other day I asked if anyone could guess how she got her name and NO ONE got it. I expected it would be so simple, but apparently not. So, here's a few hints:

  • I was in middle school in 1987.
  • I've been calling her my "Baby computer"
  • "What's your real name, Baby?"
Now does anyone have a guess?



  1. You love Dirty Dancing? The movie I mean.

  2. LOL...that's a cute way to come up with a name for a computer.

  3. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Fun!!

  4. I love her with her tiny pink self. It makes me want one...but really where would we go? I don't get out much. :)

    Have the time of your life with her. :)

  5. Kathy, I LOVE DD. I've seen it literally hundreds of times.

    Lynne, you gotta be quick, Kathy is often my first commenter!

    Serena, I thought it was appropriate for a Baby computer!

    Trish, I always do the last dance of the season.

    Gina, you travel more than anyone I know! You'd take it to your mom's, you'd take it to Nashville, you'd take it to Auburn...

  6. The theatre here has fan favourite once a month and in April the movie is Dirty Dancing. I wouldn't mind seeing it on the big screen!

  7. Hey Baby. Mike Wazowski here. If you're ever in California, give me a ring. Maybe we could hang out...maybe go moon the local Apple store, tap into the wireless at Starbucks, hang at Best Buy. It'd be good times.

  8. Of course, it's Dirty Dancing! I must admit, I've never understood people naming things. LOL. But she is so cute, that it would be hard not to.

  9. Kailana, it would be cool to see it on a big screen!

    Mike, Frances is very shy, she doesn't feel right calling up computers she's never met. She wonders if you might IM her instead?

    Natasha, I used to name EVERYTHING. My last two laptops haven't had a name, nor does my current car.

  10. I think Francis is adorable!

    On another note, how does one walk down those icy steps without falling?


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