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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is really my life.

As I've blathered on about endlessly, I often have a million balls up in the air on various things. There's the boys, the blog, the sewing, the shop, the millions of books to be read. Work. Food to be cooked. There just aren't enough hours in the day to get to everything I want to do. Naturally, this means SOMETHING will get pushed aside. Because I am a selfish person and I want time for me too, that something is my house.

It's a mess.

No, really.

So you can see why I jumped chance to review Mrs. Meyers Clean Home and Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke. I'll let you know if I learn anything.

(Perhaps in the review of the books I'll show you my bedroom. There are more than fifty things to be thrown out in there!)

If you'd like to win a copy of either of them, leave a comment on THIS post. (Not THIS one, the one in that link.)

While you're waiting for me, perhaps you can tell me your cleaning secrets. Or your NON-cleaning secrets.

Come on. I showed you mine.



  1. Fear not. That could be our house. Hey, are you sure it isn't our house? Come on, where are you? Come out. The funny thing is how I think back at how I found it hard to "keep up" before I was a mom. What was I doing with all of my time?

  2. That's not too bad...I've seen much worse...and they are friends of mine! LOL My trick is if I haven't used it in over a year, out it goes to the recycling, trash, or donation bins

  3. Don't sweat the small stuff. The house will be there when you can get to it.

  4. haha, I should take pictures of my disaster area. The only thing I am obsessive about is doing the dishes... I hate dishes piled up on the counter! And, I am usually pretty good about doing laundry and putting the clothes away right away. That's about it... Everything else is come as it may! I did clean out my closet the other week, though. I was very proud of myself. lol

  5. You beat yourself up too much. That isn't as bad as you made it out to being. :)

  6. There's a difference between dirt and clutter and what I see if just a bit of clutter.

    I saw on the FlyLady site once, something about throwing 10 things out every day. I grab a bag while watching tv and start tossing stuff.

    I have an old dresser that I purchased which houses two drawers. These are my kids' junk drawers. All their junk goes in the drawers and then they must empty them out every week if they want to put more stuff in them. Sometimes they get out of control but not often.

    I also have two bins in the garage for each kids' school year. When I see something I want to save I just toss it in the right bin.

    I was asked to participate in a blogger's workspace post so I will be taking pics of my workspace soon.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to add that it is wonderful to read posts like this. This is why I read blogs. So I can get to know the author. You are just an extension of my friend circle although a tad far away :)

    Okay.. I am too chatty today. Anyway...

  8. Every time I see a post like this, I think, "Oh, thank goodness, it's not just me." And bless you for being brave enough to include pictures.

    I wish my house was less cluttered and cleaner. . . but apparently not enough to spend my evenings after kidlet's bedtime doing something about it. ;-)

  9. :) Oh, I know what you mean!

  10. You've reminded me that I need to do a little straightening. Maybe tomorrow . . .

  11. My house is much worse. We've been working on it for a couple of years but I'm going to review those books, as well. I'm hoping they'll help. We shall see!

  12. Very brave of you to show pictures of your house. My cleaning secret? Marry a neatfreak. works for me.

  13. Infant Bibliophile, I don't know! I found it impossible to keep the house clean before because I thought I had no time. HAHAHA.

    Serena, I like the idea of the one year thing in theory, but when it comes to getting rid of things I usually don't.

    Kathy, that is my motto. The mess isn't going anywhere but the kids are getting bigger before my eyes.

    Kailana, the dishes and the laundry we've developed pretty good habits on. Now if we could just stop leaving clutter EVERYWHERE.

    Gina, I didn't show the bad parts.

    Ti, these tend to be among my favorite posts too, which is one reason I posted them. I can't wait to see your space.

    Laura, post pictures! It's freeing!

    jenclair, you do so much with your new study schedule and the new studio. I don't know when you'd fit in cleaning too.

    Wendy, that elusive tomorrow is always tomorrow, isn't it?

    Bookfool, I look forward to your review.

    Michelle, I am in awe of anyone with small children and a clean house!


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