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Monday, April 06, 2009

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott is the perfect YA romance. It's sweet and simple without a lot of unnecessary plot diversions. Lauren is your average high school student. She's not really popular, nor is she disliked, until she starts dating Dave. Dave is perfect. He's popular, he plays football, he has good grades, his family is blissfully happy with each other. He goes to church. He doesn't pressure Lauren to do things she doesn't want to do- in fact, he stops them from doing much at all. Lauren isn't particularly happy, but she's not unhappy either. There is nothing scary about the relationship, even if it's not going where she imagined it would.

Enter Evan. Evan and Lauren knew each other as kids, before he moved away. There is an instant attraction between the two of them. It's thrilling and scary and it rocks Lauren's perfect little world. Suddenly, Lauren has to choose between Mr. Perfect and Mr. Right.

There are other things that go into it- their families, the history between their parents, the expectations of Dave and his family- but mostly it's a sweet story about Lauren and about falling in love with someone who thrills you. This book jumped right to the top of my list for 2009 and I immediately started looking for more Elizabeth Scott. I won't be trading this one away because I'll want to reread the best parts when I need a quick romance fix.

Here's a little quote from the book, page 181. I marked this page because it felt familiar to me. If this doesn't make you want to read the book, I don't know what will.

And so nothing changes. It makes me a terrible person. I know that. But what is in my heart for Evan is wild, unknown, and what I have with Dave is easy. Safe. And I can't choose between them. I am too unsure. Too scared of what will happen to me if I do. I am not strong or brave or anything like I should be. I am just me.

These were two reviews that really pushed it onto my list:

bookshelves of doom

If you reviewed this let me know, and I'll add your link.



  1. I loved this book. So cute and sweet. Perfect You, by Elizabeth Scott, is also terrific.

  2. Sounds like a sweet read. Nice reveiw. Makes me wanna run out to get a copy.

  3. I've been meaning to read something by Elizabeth Scott for some time...I think I'll start with this. It sounds lovely.

  4. I've heard good things about this one. I'm still looking for a copy, sounds like just the thing that I would love! Nice review :)

  5. I hadn't heard of this one but it does sound good. I love a good romance once in awhile so onto the TBR list it goes :)

  6. Okay, you convinced me. :) I just finished Something, Maybe and didn't love it but I'll give this one a whirl.


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