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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bug turns One.

How is it possible?

My sweet little baby Bug turns one today. There must have been a time warp, cause he was born just yesterday.

The Pirate was a calm baby, just chill and laid back. The Bug? Not so much. The Bug is opinionated and when things aren't to his liking he is LOUD. He does not like to be left out of things and if you close a door on him he makes sure you know he does NOT approve.

He empties every bookshelf he sees. He plays with every electrical cord or usb cord he finds. He digs in the trash.

He loves his brother and lights up when the Pirate gives him attention. (For the Pirate's part, he is rarely annoyed by the Bug, and 99% of the time they get along beautifully.)

He is my baby and I'm not ready for him to grow up. I wondered how I could possibly love him as much, but "they" were right, and I do.



  1. Happy Birthday to the Bug! He looks like he's trying to figure out what he can get into next.

  2. He is so cute! And I can't believe how OLD the Pirate is looking.

  3. Happy Birthday Bug!! :) Man--you guys sure know how to spread out the birthdays, huh? sounds like my sister-in-law. She had her twins on her husband's birthday. Three birds with one stone!

  4. Kathy, his life is a constant puzzle of what to get into. We seriously spend much of his awake time debating who's turn it is to go get him out of the trash/off of the hearth/ away from the dogfood.

    Thanks, Anna.

    Janssen, the Pirate totally turned a corner about Christmas from little kid to KID.

    Trish, the Bug wasn't supposed to be here until MAY 10th! He was impatient. I've honestly worried for a year on how to make them special for each of them.

  5. Happy Birthday to the little Bug! He's so cute!!

    Wow, you had a lot of birthdays this week, huh?

  6. I remember wondering the same thing when I had #2. How could I possibly love another child as much as #1. Well, you just do don't you?

    The Bug is getting to be a big boy but he will always be your Bug.

    Happy Birthday Bug!!

  7. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Bug!!

  8. It's amazing, isn't it? Seeing the newborn grow and change and learn and transform is just miraculous.

  9. Happy birthday Bug! You are so adorable! I see you are keeping your mommy on her toes :)

  10. Happy Birthday Bug! Aren't those newborn pictures precious!

  11. Thanks everyone! I'm glad birthday week is over!

  12. GORGEOUS! I hope you had a great first birthday!

  13. happt birthday, they are both perfect, touch wood!


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