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Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm IN for Dewey's Read-a-Thon!

Ok, so I'm probably crazy for attempting it- but I'm going to try to do Dewey's Read-a-Thon. (TRISH MADE ME!) I'm not sure how success I'll be, what with the two monsters, but Mike has agreed to help me out and I'm gonna give it a shot. The really scary part will be Sunday when my children wake up for the day and I'll just be headed to bed (HAHA, like I'm gonna make it until 6am!) Anyone want to babysit on Sunday? No? Trish? Right now there are 105 participants, so I'm sure if you read any book blogs at all you've seen this mentioned. If I'm crazy at least I'm not alone in my crazy!

I'm building a list of books that so far includes the following:

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg (Hehe, it's due tomorrow and I can't renew it. Sorry whoever is after me on the list!)

Gimme Shelter by Mary Elizabeth Williams

Paper Towns by John Green

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I Love a Man in Uniform by Lily Burana (Ordered it on today, hope it arrives!)

The last Sookie book by Charlaine Harris, the name of which escapes me.
In the Woods by Tana French (I think)

I don't expect to read all those, but these are the options. There are a couple more YA on my shelves that I might throw into the pile as well.

TRISH suggests a post template to make posting fast like lightning and a spreadsheet to track page counts and she said she'd make me Rice Crispy Treats to keep me well fed.

Is there any sort of real time chat group or IM group set up? Who's gonna keep me away all night?

(sorry for the funky spacing on this, blogger doesn't like me to save a post and then go edit it.)



  1. You'll have so much fun!! I'll make sure to stop by and cheer you on!


  2. I have to work on Saturday so I can't read myself but I will definitely try to stop by and cheer you on. Good luck :)

  3. I loved Paper Towns...very quick read for me. Maybe it will be for you too!

  4. I want to join in but realistically, I don't see it happening. The kids and hubby would drive me up the wall but I will try and stop by to cheer you on.

  5. Nooo you are not crazy! I'm so glad you're in! And you have some great books lined up. YA is definitely a good idea.

    We had a gtalk chat last time, but people had to be invited in by someone who was there already, and then they kept getting disconnected and having to be invited in was frustrating, and it didn't work very well at all. But this time, I'm betting that a lot of chatting will be taking place on Twitter, so I'd recommend that everyone join just for the 'thon, even if they never use it again.

  6. Ooh, you have some terrific titles!

  7. Hmmm, so I guess all of that nagging paid off. :D Actually, I couldn't be more thrilled that you are going to be joining, and I'LL keep you up all night. I guess this means that I'm gonna have to come up with some clever little limmericks and cheers for you this time. ;)

    Rice Krispy Treats, huh? Do you think those would ship well?? I know! How about you come down to Dallas for the weekend and just hang out here. Ha!!


  8. Thank you so so so much for including me (and my wonderful talented friend Lily) on your list!

    Good luck and keep us posted! Woooooot!

  9. Dang it, just lost my own comment! I replied to most of you by email.

    Trish, while it would be fun to come down and read in Dallas, I don't think we'd get much reading done!

    Mary Beth, thanks for stopping by! I think it will be fun to read your book and Lily's back to back. btw, I'm not sure if you made the connection, but I'm (lisah) on the Well. Hi!

  10. Yay!!!! This is the first time I'm dong it too. My husband is helping out with the kids. As far as IM, I know we are using the hashtag #readathon on Twitter. That's where I'm planning to do most of my chatting.

  11. Yay, Natasha! Guess this means I need to learn how hashtags work.

  12. Wish I could do this...but I am a sleepy reader.

  13. I just signed up for the read-a-thon, too! I am nervous about being able to stay awake but I think we will all be able to be there for each other and cheer each other on!!! It is going to be fun!

  14. i don't have the stamina for this but i'll be happy to step in and act as a cheerleader! go team!

  15. Good luck with the read-a-thon, Lisa! You've got a great list of books there.

  16. Yay!!!! I'm so excited you're joining in. :D

  17. You're crazy but good luck! Sadly, I won't be around to cheer everyone on as we will be on a long weekend away (hurrah!) but do have fun! I'll read all about it when I get back instead :)


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