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Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Friday

So what's been on my mind this week...

- Everyone sick of my kids yet? How about one more picture? The traditional "give a baby cake for his first birthday" picture.

- A week or so I finished up a collection of little essays called First Kiss (Then Tell). This is a collection of YA authors retelling their first kisses. It's cute, but not worth paying retail for. Get it from PBS or the Library. The best in the book was Shannon and Dean Hale.

- Everyone all excited for the Read-A-Thon tomorrow? There are more than 150 of us! I just stocked up on snacks at the grocery store.

- I get off early today to take the boys to their 1 year and 4 year checkups. Poor Buggy will definitely be getting shots.

- I'm working on updating my "Books Read" list to include pre-blogging lists. I still can't find my first book journal, but thankfully I entered them all into Library Thing a while ago, and tagged them by year.

-This is not my wedding ring. I kinda wish it were.

- There are two new Pirate videos on YouTube. They aren't thrilling or special, but they are a very good idea of what we live with. If he is awake, he does this. He's actually quieter in these because he knows I have the camera out. (First one is more swordfight, second one is how a 4 year old tap dances...until he can't stand it and has to swordfight. Both under a minute.)

-What's your random thought for today?



  1. I am still laughing at that picture. It is just wonderful!

  2. LISA!!!! Now I want to buy all of the jewelry in that etsy store. :p And your son's adorable: no such thing as too many baby pics!

  3. Isn't that ring fantastic?

  4. I almost peed my pants when I saw the Pirate dancing. OMG.. he is just too cute with his little legs going.

    Poor Bug!! He is covered in icing in that pic but I love how he matches his high chair!

  5. Oooooh my! How many washings did it take to get all that frosting off?? :) Happy birthday, Bug!

  6. How cute!! The Pirate and DJ would get along soooo great!! ^-^
    Laura H...

  7. I love your kids' photos! Keep them up! They are adorable. I love seeing the messes they make :) And that ring is gorgeous! I love Etsy.


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