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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-Thon: 2 pm. Getting back on track

Hours 7&8:

Minutes read: 39
Pages read: 52!
Total minutes reading:259
Total pages read: 268
Minutes online: heck if I know
Minutes nursing: 10ish
Minutes doing kid stuff: uh...
Minutes lost: a lot
Drinks consumed: 1 glass of water with flavor added
Food eaten: Triscuits, cheese, and hardboiled eggs for lunch, a handful of vanilla cookies

I kinda lost track of time from noon until about 1:30. I made lunch and ate it, walked outside. My family came home and I played with the kids a bit before putting them down for a nap (they are both asleep as I type, in the same room, and the Bug KNEW the Pirate was in there and still went to sleep! This is a first!) The Pirate got a new lightsaber and Darth Mater costume, both of which he conned his daddy into buying. Still wearing pajamas.

Reading notes: VERY close to finishing Gimme Shelter by Mary Elizabeth Williams. Still good, but I think I'm ready for something different. Starting to debate what order would be best for the rest of my stack.



  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on! But a break to get outside is always nice. I just took a nice long walk and boy am I in a better mood for reading now. Good luck with the reading!

  2. Wow is it 2 pm there :) Here it's soon 1 am.

    Doing great, keep it up :D


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