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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon: 7 AM, the family awakes

Everyone is awake now. Reading will get more challenging.

Hour 1 results:

Minutes read: 50
Pages read: 42
Minutes spent with 2 children and 2 adults lounging on the bed: 10
Drinks consumed: 1/2 a Dr. Pepper
Food eaten: None

Brief thoughts on what I'm reading: Gimme Shelter is starting off to be a great explanation of the housing market in general, not just NYC. As it relates directly to my job, I'm hooked.

Hour 2 predictions:
Gotta make breakfast, reading time will be at a premium.
Coffee soon.


  1. Go Lisa! Go Go Go Lisa!

    I haven't eaten anything either, but really need to. Tummy is grumbling!

  2. Maybe you can give the kids some Tylenol PM... j/k

  3. This is a good time for children to learn how to put milk on cereal - they need life skills! Of course this is only if they are old enough to hold a bottle of milk...Go, go reader ranger.

  4. Good luck with reading and taking care of the kids:) I didn't get to comment on your previous post about the Bug. I would have freaked out when he didn't wake up. You were right, I did think that you were going to say that he was standing and walking. I am reading The Suicide Index and I highly recommend it. When you can get to it, read it and let me know what you think. Happy reading.

  5. Your brave to take on the read-a-thon with 2 little ones. Have fun with it today.


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