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Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Friday

I love the way Ti is reviewing books now. I might have to start copying that style.

I unfriended someone on Facebook for posting who got voted off American Idol within minutes of it happening. I don't care if you spoil it in a day, or even in a couple of hours, but geez. Some of us have DVRs and like to get a late start so we can skip commercials. That said, it was the person I wanted voted off.

We leave for Alabama 4 weeks from today. I have soooo much to do before then sewing wise. Be prepared to see more posts about it. (Did I mention that we're planning to drive? 1300 miles? with The Bug and The Pirate?)

How cute is this necklace?

I unsubscribed to a blog this week because her posts were so very needy and depressed. She doesn't trust her partner and it sounds like a bad situation that will only get worse. It was a new blog to me, I just added last week because I liked her pictures, but her desperation and despair were too much for me. I feel a little guilty for just leaving, but I don't know her and it brings me down. Do other people struggle with things like this?

The picture at the top has nothing to do with anything except that I took it May 15 of last year. It's Random.

What's your random thought today?



  1. Good luck with the drive to Alabama. I don't like long car trips at all.

  2. Isn't it ridiculous how hard it is to take someone you don't know at ALL off your google reader? Killer difficult for me.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. You are totally welcome to use the format. Whatever makes it easier for us working moms to post. You know?

    I would have told that person off on FB. People forget the time difference too for some of us. I have gone on to Twitter only to see AI spoilers. UGH.

    I sort of feel bad about that one blogger you mentioned. Sounds like she needs a bit of support but you added her for a different reason...the pictures she posted not to support her through her personal issues. I can't say I blame you for dropping her.

    That necklace IS super cute.

  4. You are going to be coming to my neck of the woods. I live in north Florida. That is a LONG haul with 2 little ones. It will be an adventure:)

  5. I understand your struggles. I decided to just bookmark blogs I follow rather than subscribing. If I have time, I check out the blogs to see what is new. If I don't have time or decide to drop them, they will never know. It is rather silly since most of them don't know me, but I wouldn't want to unintentionally hurt anyone's feelings. Usually I end up dropping a blog as a favorite because the majority of the books they review aren't my taste or the reviews are few and far between.

  6. I watch American Idol too, but I'm still watching on my VCR - LOL! :)

  7. Too bad about the unsubscribed blog! Wait, it wasn't me was it?? :P And the ad thingy was gone when I left this comment, so maybe it was just some weirdo fluke thing.

    How long has it been since you've been to Alabama? A while, huh?

  8. Wow. Talk about brave. I struggle with hour long car rides with the boys!

    It *usually* takes A LOT to make me take someone off my google reader, but I did it the other day without any problem. It was someone who supported limited rights for gay people. I didn't feel bad at all.

    I hate facebook status updates. I have a few friends from back home who're always complaining. One in particular is incessantly whining about how she has a university degree but can't find a decent job. Bugs the crap out of me. I'd love to defriend her, but I just don't have that kind of courage!


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