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Friday, June 05, 2009

Random Friday for June 5

On May 14, I ordered The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (Soulemama) from Amazon. I got free super saver shipping since I also ordered a replacement part for my coffee maker. Today I got an email that it has been delayed and I should expect the book the first week of July. While I'm happy for Amanda that her book is so popular, I wanted the book now! I am impatient! I wanted to read it on our trip (because then Mike would be a captive audience for all the great family ideas I'd be sharing with him.)

WHY do people put music on blogs? WHY? Do they really think that other people enjoy that? I just chose not to subscribe to someone who I enjoyed because of the music and there is at least one craft blogger who I'll never comment on because of it.

I posted my May quilt blocks to the sewing blog this morning, if you're interested.

And speaking of sewing, the lovely TRISH and I are doing our own informal little quilt along. We're both working on a disappearing nine-patch. Her's will be a lot bigger than mine, and likely done before mine, but it'll be fun to compare how two people can use the same pattern and get a totally different look.

I'm still interested in other people's thoughts on originality in crafting. Lisa at Git Down Kitty! has had some good input, but I'd like to hear other people's reaction.

One week til we leave for Tennessee and Alabama! I'm scheduling some posts in case I don't get online much.

Garden Update: We picked and ate the two best strawberries EVER. The okra is definately dead. The cucumbers are growing, but really slowly. Tomatoes are getting taller, but not many blooms. There are two golf ball sized peppers, but the pepper plants themselves aren't really getting bigger which is a little worrisome.

What's your random thought for Friday?


  1. Love the pictures! I don't like music or sounds on blogs either - they always scare me when they come up.

  2. I am always amazed at how fast the weeks fly by. Each and every time I see a Random Fridy post in my reader I am surprised by it. Like, "Oh! Random Friday! That's means it's Friday!"

    I know, lame.

    There was a blog that I visited the other day that had music. The music wasn't bad and sort of fit the theme of her blog but I desperately wanted a way to turn it off and there was no way to do that. That was a HUGE turn off for me.

    My random thoughts for the day:

    Unemployment could be solved by adding more days to the week.

    For instance.. we could have a 10 day week. I would still work my 5 days but then someone else could work the other. Bam. Unemployment solved.

    Also, if the economy is in the toilet, why not just print more money??

  3. I ordered that book about a week after you did and I am so bummed abotu the wait. Originally I would have gotten it next week and now, well, they shipped the rest of my order on Friday anticipating a wait that long! I'm so impatient! Better pre-order her next book or who knows when it will arrive LOL!

    I not about the music either. I have my own music at my house and music on-line bothers me a lot!

    Have my fingers crossed for your garden. We had a cold, wet spring, and I swear our plants were double the size they are now last year. Somewhere I have pictures - I should pull them out to compare! =)

  4. I like people to share their musical tastes with me on their blogs; it can be a good way to discover new music. However, I agree that it shouldn't auto-start as soon as the blog opens up. Put it in a playlist widget on the sidebar. Even better, put the widget in a post and share why you like those songs.

  5. I don't like music on blogs either. Specially if there is no way to turn it off, other than to mute your own system completely.

    I was at a wedding most of the day yesterday, and am feeling slightly hung over today, even though I wasn't overdoing it at all last night. Maybe I am just getting older ;o) I know I feel like lying down now, and that is why I wrote in a reply to you that I would write you an e-mail later today OR tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend


  6. I totally agree about the music. I have my speakers turned off on my computer so I'm never ambushed by any music or sounds. If I want to listen to something, I'll turn the sound on, otherwise it's always off.

  7. Oh, I know! Sometimes when I am up late and everyone else is asleep I click to a blog and WOWLOUDMUSIC!!! right away. Then you are stuck trying to mute your computer, which is not cool. I like what the previous commenter said about having it on there but you have to click on it to start it.


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