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Monday, June 08, 2009

Best laid pla... oh, something shiny!

So you know how you go into a weekend thinking you're gonna do this and this and this, and blog this and read this and.... then that's not what happens at all? Yeah.

This weekend I was going to read If I Stay because it's due back on the 9th and I wanted to read it before I returned it. It's not a long book. (I was also going to write a post called "Library FAIL" about how my plans to renew certain books for the duration of our vacation failed. I'll say more on that in a later post.) On Friday night the boys and I were in the car waiting on Mike and I picked up Why We Make Mistakes. Why We Make Mistakes was in the car because it due at the library on Monday, yes, last Monday. I read a couple pages and was hooked. I decided that I'd spend every free moment this weekend reading it so that it wasn't any later than it already was. When we got home I quickly checked my email and spent the read of the night reading. It's fascinating, even if he does repeat some little quirky facts that I've heard before.

On Saturday I had to work. I kicked butt and took names and got a ton of stuff done (going on vacation next week gotta leave my office clean!) The boys were under the weather on Saturday so aside from a little trip to Target to get trip snacks we didn't do much. You would think this would mean that I'd be able to finish my book, right? No. Here's what I did instead:

Three pairs of lightweight pants for The Bug to wear in humid Alabama:

One new handbag:

A set of traveling clothes for Francis:

and Anakin Skywalker's Cape (not pictured. Yet.)
I'll probably blog some of those things in greater detail on the made by lisah blog later today, if you're interested in details.
I guess If I Stay goes back unread and gets requested again when we get back.
How was your weekend?


  1. Oh those are all great! I love his little pants. And the purse is too cute.

  2. Have a great trip. Tell Alabama I said hi!

  3. I had to chuckle when you found Why We Make Mistakes in your car, and that it was overdue no less. Oops!

    The other chuckle I got.. is that a thermometer that the Bug is sucking on in that one pic? LOL.

  4. Ha--every day lately feels like that to me. I had to actually make a list of all the things I wanted to get done this week and sadly I've only crossed one damn thing off the list--sewing my 9 patches. But I'm trying to catch up on the reader a bit and hopefully answer some emails and maybe go through my pictures. The cleaning can wait until tomorrow, right? Or Friday? Crap--is it already Wednesday?

    Cute bag! And pants! You were productive last weekend.

  5. All your crafts are so adorable! Especially those little shorts! Love them.

    Did you get to read If I Stay in the end? I'm still working on my review, I LOVED it! Read it almost one sitting. Oh, the tears..


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