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Monday, August 17, 2009

Honest Scrap Award (meme?)

The Infant Bibliophile tagged me for the Honest Scrap meme and since they are among my favorite posts, I decided to make it a post of it's own, instead of including it in a Random Friday. (In general, I put awards in the Friday post, these seem a little different since there are more to it than just "thanks!")

The "Honest Scrap" award requires me to tell my readers 10 true things about me and then pass it on to 10 more blogs.

10 Things:
  1. I make myself a cup of coffee every morning and even though I really want it, I often lose track of it in the morning rush.
  2. The only part of the Sunday paper that I read are the ads. Some weeks only the Target ad.
  3. Some days I take my kids to daycare 20 minutes early so I can sit in my car and read.
  4. I vacuumed my bedroom on Sunday for the first time in months.
  5. I do not make the Pirate clean his room, nor do I regularly clean it myself.
  6. I do not look for missing toys either.
  7. I can't stand scare movies or "documentaries" about the destruction of earth by natural forces- typhoons, earthquakes, meteors, floods, nothing. (Actual documentaries about things like Hurricane Katrina are fine.)
  8. With the exception of Independence Day.
  9. My favorite movie is The Matrix, but if you were to offer me another movie with a plot involving spies, guns, fight scenes, and fake governments I'd be totally uninterested.
  10. On Saturday someone asked me when my baby was due. I am not pregnant.

Now to tag 10 other bloggers. I am not going back to see who else has been tagged, sorry.

  1. TRISH
  2. Kailana at The Written World
  3. Janssen at Everyday Reading
  4. Miss Remmer
  5. Heather at A High and Hidden Place
  6. Gwendolyn at A Sea of Books
  7. Lori at She Treads Softly
  8. Suey at It's All About Books
  9. Alyce at At Home with Books
  10. Lisa at Git Down Kitty

Don't forget to post a picture of your TBR pile for a chance to win my contest. Entries accepted until August 31st.


  1. That's dreadful about number 10. What did you say? What can you say to that?

    Sometimes I put my kids to bed early so I can read. Even if I know they won't sleep and will cause trouble. Sometimes it's worth it!

  2. I go for ridiculous amounts of time without vacuuming, too. The only parts of the house I'm good at keeping clean are the kitchen and bathroom, for obvious reasons. Other than that, I'm a disaster. And let's not mention dusting...

  3. Congratulations on your award! I admit to an obsession with the vacuum cleaner, but we have a dog that sheds.

  4. I've done so many of these I think I've run out of anything worth adding to a list. LOL But there's never a dull moment on your blog, Lisa! I enjoyed reading your list. :-)

    I don't mind vaccuuming, but I really hate mopping. I've taken to vaccuuming the kitchen floor to put off mopping it. When I get home this next weekend, I really should mop.

    I've had people ask me when I'm due too. :-( I once told a woman at the dry cleaners I was six months along just so she wouldn't feel bad. I wasn't pregnant nor did I look six months pregnant--at least I hope not.

  5. All I can say about #10 is that people are stupid and have no filters. You probably know this already.

    How rude!

  6. I'll try to respond sometime next week. I'm taking some time off from the computer this week (or at least I'm supposed to be - we're just about ready to head out the door on a hike).

    I've never had anyone ask me if I'm pregnant, but I have certain outfits that I never wear because I look very pregnant in them. I should just get rid of the outfits, but I have this undying hope that someday I will fit into them again. :)

  7. Is this supposed to be true confessions type of thing?

    I make my coffee at 6:15 every morning. I pour my cup at 7 when I head out the door. I don't drink it until I get to work, so I don't risk spilling it on me. So, I start drinking at 8:30. I took the last sip of my coffee today at 10:35 when it was stone cold. How's that for gross? But I love it. I do this every day (no coffee on weekends because I'm too lazy).

    My house has never been cleaner--I mean mopped, baseboards wiped down, blinds dusted, garden tub that I've never used scrubbed. But my office is a WRECK. Not sure why that doesn't bother me.

    Wait, I guess I should save these things for the tag...

  8. Congrats on the scrap award...thanks for sharing the true things about yourself. I haven't vacuumed in forever.

  9. Thanks for playing along! I enjoyed your list. My son is terrified of the vacuum... it is a very convenient excuse, and I don't do much to rid him of this fear. On the last one, I think it must be because you were exuding a happy glow. Or perhaps a semi-queasy first trimester swoon. Or happy exhaustion. Take your pick.

  10. This honesty is all very interesting; I just have one question . . . what is this thing "vacuum" of which you speak? ;)

    I will try to get my post up toward the end of the week. Or tomorrow, depending on how things go . . .

  11. I arrive at carpools and such early just to have extra time to read so not too different that you dropping your son off early.

    As to being asked when you were due despite not being pregnant, haven't these people ever heard the rule that unless you see an actual baby coming out of a woman, you never assume she's pregnant?! I will admit I saw pictures of myself from this summer though and people could be excused from thinking it of me given how plump and roundy I got (and I'm not either).


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