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Friday, September 04, 2009

Random Friday, Labor Day

This week's picture is the bag I made for niece #2. This one is smaller than the first bag and not quite so heavily lined. She intends to use her for dance class so it didn't need to be able to carry heavy books. Next up: a fall bag for ME!

I'm looking for a piece of fabric with a dragon on it. Ideally it would be about the size of your hand. If it's a sea dragon even better. I'm willing to trade something for this, so if you are a crafter or a sewer and have something like this in your stash please email me!

My daycare is closed for Labor Day today, Monday and Tuesday. I am off Monday. Today the boys are at a drop-in kind of daycare. I've never taken them to one before but Mike reassures me that this doesn't make me a bad mom, that's why places like that exist. I hope they are having fun there.

Today is my mother's birthday- Happy Birthday Mom! I have not gotten a gift for you yet! Perhaps by Christmas.... (Please note: we exchanged Christmas gifts in June when I was in Alabama. This is normal.)

The fair was a lot of fun. We won FIVE goldfish. We were able to trade 4 of them in on a beta. We came home with one goldfish (Goldie) and one beta (Bluey). Goldie lived for 48 hours. Bluey seems ok so far. I would post some fair pictures, but I forgot today was Friday until it was too late to edit them.

Garden Update: Still getting small tomatoes, but the zucchini has petered out. The pumpkin is cute, about softball sized, but green striped not orange.

This weekend we are not doing a lot of anything, I hope. I had hoped to camp but that didn't turn out so maybe the park and some watermelon at home.

What are you doing this weekend? Do you have a three day weekend too?


  1. The bag is darling - I can't wait to see what you create for yourself. Monday isn't a holiday for us, but we'll be watching football tomorrow. Go Hokies!

  2. That bag is adorable! Your niece is a lucky girl!

  3. That bag is really cute.

    Tomorrow we are hitting this swanky shopping place for some window shopping and lunch but other than that I plan to stay at home and watch stupid 80's movies all weekend. I'm wiped out!

  4. I have dragon fabric! (Did you have any doubt?). I picked up a fat quarter on my first quilt shopping expedition with baby in tow. I think they're kind of Puff the Magic Dragon type dragons, not sea dragons (I'm not really up on my dragon s though). I'll email you a photo and you can tell me if it will work for you.

    My dad has betta fish and adores them like children.

  5. As usual, I'm just going to sit like a lump this weekend and pretend to be doing equal child watching duties with my husband as he does everything. Monday I have a moms club field trip, so he'll get a little break then. Poor guy. But I am WIPED OUT by night nursing my "really should have weaned by now" little guy.

  6. Another cute bag!

    Every weekend is a three day weekend for me, since I usually work four ten hour days. So all I'm doing this weekend is trying to avoid the tourists. And our lingering heat wave.

  7. That's what drop-in daycare is for, indeed!

    Hopefully going to catch up on writing reviews this weekend. :)

  8. Have a great weekend! We had a three day weekend last weekend. It was great, we ended up at the zoo twice. And N and I saw a movie at the cinema. Movie was lame, but loved going anyway.

  9. Being at total loose ends for my long weekend, I filled out a meme and tagged you to do it too. ;-)

  10. You do such good work, Lisa, with those bags.

    How did your boys like the drop-in day care? I hope they had fun. I'd probably be nervous too, but I imagine you checked it out well before deciding to try it out. It doesn't make you a bad mom at all!

    Happy belated birthday to your mom. I hope she had a good day!

    Poor Goldie! I hope Bluey has a long life. Growing up, our fish never lasted long. Well, except for my mom's goldfish which lasted quite a number of years beyond what we'd been told was its life expectancy.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend. I don't have any special plans. I'm not at work and that's all that matters. LOL


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