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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sewing room tour

No Sunday Salon for me today! We've spent the last 24 hours moving every piece of furniture in my sewing area. I share the room with the boys and we decided it would make more sense to flip the room 180 degrees. So we did. This is a very large basement room, bare concrete floor, ugly paneling, no windows. None of that has changed.

Mike built me a big work table, so we started with that. We used couches to split the room in half. We got rid of some furniture and re-purposed other pieces. We made a giant chalkboard for the boys.

It was a lot of work. It's still not a room worthy of a magazine spread, but it's so much better that I can't even describe it. I am so excited to get to work down there. There are still a few details to finish, like hanging my cork boards and whiteboards. The chalkboard needs to be seasoned before they can use it. The boys seem to like it better, and there are lots more things for them to do.

You can see a guided tour of it on my flickr page, complete with notes. I'd love to say they are all perfect photos, but I was working with 30 seconds time in a windowless room. Go look anyway.

Now I'm reading to have craft night at my house. Who's coming?


  1. How fun! We just got rid of a chair in our living room yesterday and it's like night and day difference to me.

  2. I'll come. :-) There's nothing like giving a room a face lift, even if it's just moving everything around. I would love to do with with my living room, but the shape of it prevents us from moving too much around. I keep telling my husband we should switch our desks in the office, but he's not having it.

  3. Magazine ready rooms don't always look all that practical to me. This does. Doesn't it feel great to get such a big project done?!

  4. It looks great..although I don't know what it looked like before :) We just rearranged our basement as well and boy did it make me feel better.

  5. I love the way that re-arranging what you have changes the whole sense of a room.

    It might be a bit far for me to come to your craft night but I'd love to be there. :-)

  6. I love the guided tour!! Poor baby (the one that wanted the pin cushion). Don't you just love it when you can move a room around and make it totally functional?? I would sooo come to your craft party if I lived a little bit closer.

  7. I know that you worked hard to change it around but it is looking good. If you don't like the paneling, you can always paint it. It would look great in white and then add a nice color above it. Enjoy your space:)

  8. There is nothing better than making a room more functional and look better simply by rearranging the furniture, etc. in the room!

  9. I wish you posted before pictures because I'm having a tough time visualizing what it did look like.

    Looks like you even have room to do a workout video!! :)

    So glad this this is a more effective workspace now. Makes it easier to actually do the work, huh?

  10. Ooh, what a lovely big space that is! I love rearranging rooms.


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