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Friday, November 27, 2009

Random Black Friday

Did you go shopping this morning? I stayed in my nice warm bed, but I have been turning over Christmas ideas in my head all day. I discovered that the thing I wanted to give the Pirate for Christmas was twice as expensive as I thought. Back to the drawing board! (He wanted this Playmobil Pyramid. He's been examining the catalog for weeks now.)

This is a sweet series of pictures about a man and his father. Some of them have captions on the left.

I have no Thanksgiving leftovers. This makes me sad.

This is a whopper of a giveaway:

I have done no reading the past few days and likely won't do much this weekend either. With Monday being the big online sale day for Christmas, I've been sewing.

Shop Update: I listed three new wallets in the shop last night. (Well, actually four, but upon reviewing the listings this morning discovered a giant piece of lint on the black portion of one of them and decided to remove the listing and rephotograph that one. Oops.) If you're thinking about a banner for someone, be sure to order by December 1st!

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  1. No shopping for me today! I'm at the point where I don't do much shopping, though.

  2. I am avoiding the throngs of people hitting the stores today as well, choosing like you did to stay in my nice warm bed. :-)

    I hope to spend much of the weekend reading as I try to make up for the rest of the month. LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa. Good luck with your sewing.

  3. No shopping for me either. I didn't get to stay in my nice warm bed, though. The dogs wanted out and back in and the cats wanted in at some horrible hour this morning.

    I cannot believe the price on that Playmobil. They have always been expensive, but that price is absolutely ridiculous. My children had a couple of Playmobil sets when they were little and played and played with them. My only complaint was that the pieces were so small.

  4. MY EYES!! I absolutely CANNOT believe the price of that pyramid. Are they joking? Can you contact the company and offer to review it on your blog? ;) I tried to do Christmas shopping online and I suddenly developed adult ADD, jumping from one idea to the next to the next until naptime was over.

  5. It does seem like some places had it for as low as $83... Is this the same one for $104?

    Still a lot.

  6. I don't do black Friday either. To early and to crowded.

    I still haven't read anything yet. Still doing house stuff.

    I miss reading.

    Did you enter the contest for the Kindle?

  7. I really need to think about the Christmas thing. I haven't done much for it yet! I haven't been reading either...

  8. I shopped but then got all depressed over the commercial aspect of Christmas and then turned into a real stick-in-the-mud and had to call it a day.

    That pyramid is so darn expensive!!

  9. I did not go black friday shopping thank goodness. tried that one year and then said never again. Looks like you've been busy with the Etsy shop!

  10. Ok. The Playmobil Pyramid is too cool. I kind of want that too.

  11. Nope stayed home and loved every minute of it!


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