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Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Friday, all baby, all the time!

It seems like all I post about lately is the baby, when I post at all. Sorry about that, but don't expect much more for a while.  I do have one more book to review, but it's another Nora Roberts so a lot of you won't be interested. I'm starting Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson once I get a little cleaning done.

I've been on Twitter a lot more lately, trying to get into the rhythm of it. Feel free to follow me @lharsma.

I did a tiny bit of sewing this week. It feels good to get back into it, but it seems like just as I get set up to sew little miss wakes up and needs me.

I agreed to let The Pirate have a sleepover tonight. If you never hear from me again, this is why.

I'll try to be more interesting next week. Sorry about that!

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  1. You are fine, hang in there new mommy! Hope you get enough rest!

  2. Oh, I hope the Pirate's sleepover goes well. Love all that kid energy all in one room! Your kid posts are great and where you are at right not-no worries.

  3. I think it's fair to be all about your new baby for awhile! Looking forward to your Amy and Roger review :)

  4. We just like to know you are okay. (Reader just now caught up with this past week!) I'm sure you are really tired. Hugs.

  5. Just keep hanging in there - it's nice to hear how things are going, and glad it seems to be pretty smooth. Having a sleepover - that's brave!

  6. Lisa, you just had a new baby! You should not feel badly about anything!
    You have a lot on your plate and for now you should be concentrating on you and your family. We will be here.

  7. Holy cow, you are a brave woman to have a sleepover with a new baby in the house! I hope all went well.

  8. Holy Toledo. This shows just how far behind I've fallen in the blog world. I had no idea you had another baby (blush). Congratulations!

  9. A sleepover? I wouldn't let my son have a sleepever when he was younger because The Girl never slept and I was so worried about the noise keeping her up. You're brave.

  10. aw, your kids are lovely, great photo! They kinda take over, don't they? :-)


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