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Friday, December 31, 2010

Random New Year's Eve: Goodbye 2010

There were quite a few posts I wanted to get written before midnight tonight, but I haven't had the mental resources to get them done. I plan to drag 2010 out a few more days to get the pleasant stuff out there. That includes:
  • a letter to my children (I decided to do it quarterly)
  • a year end reading wrap up
  • a look back at my goals for 2010
  • a brief post reviewing the 5 or 6 books I never got around to talking about, I want a clean slate, ya know?
  • a post about the fun things I made as Christmas gifts
  • an entire post about the new house, with pictures!
  • New posts about a New year! Goals and resolutions and a big mental mindset change for my life.
  • I am also planning to revive my Etsy Item of the Day posting over at the madebylisah blog.
You will not see:
  • full reviews of any of those books
  • any recap of the crappy parts of this year
  • New Years Eve celebration (it's a blizzard here and I have 3 small kids, yawn)
One day soon, perhaps even today, I will find a way to get the pictures off my camera so you can see some cuteness. Meanwhile, enjoy that one of the Princess at Christmas.

Scout is back at the vet's, this time for a several days stay. Seems she ate a bone somewhere and it got lodged in her throat and is very very infected. She is a sick girl and could use some good thoughts. Along those lines, we have a very old kitty who we will be making some decisions for soon. It's taken a lot of cheer out of me the last couple of weeks.

Speaking of vet bills, in lieu of having an actual job, and believe me, I'm looking!, I'll be talking more about my Etsy shop. I'll try to contain myself so you regulars don't get sick of it, but until these kids and pets start pulling their weight, this is where it's at.

And on that note, two of my children are complaining, I better so find out the problem. Have a Happy New Year's Eve, be safe.

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  1. LOL! I have a bunch of posts that I have been meaning to read as well. Good luck on the job hunt!! I'll be looking forward to hearing your goals for next year...and pictures are always fun :) Have a great new year!!!

  2. I really hate job hunting. Ugh. I can be so frustrating. I wish you luck with that, Lisa. I'll keep Scout in my thoughts.

    have a happy New Year!

  3. So sorry to hear about your pets! You've had a lot on your plate in the past few months and could sure use a break from stress!

  4. Love this picture of baby girl.

    Hope 2011 is better for you--kick that 2010 out the door and be done!!


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